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Most women are looking to tone their bodies with muscle mass resulting in soft, sexy curves. The cover of magazines are graced by celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson who seems to signify the ideal fitness model role. With some smart tweaks to your workout program, it’s very possible to achieve that body ideal with some time and commitment.

The first thing women should not shy away from in their workouts are heaver weights. If the fear of putting on heavy muscle is scary to most women, then that fear is unfounded. Most women will barely add more than half a pound of muscle mass per month with a good training program and excellent diet. If you have been training with pink weights, you might not be pushing yourself. Drop the pink weights and pick up a ten or fifteen pound dumbbell and you might notice your body changing within a few weeks.

Weights can help you achieve that transforming body and allow you that curvier figure to form.

The next step in your workout program should be cardio. Many women are already doing this. In fact, this is often the only type of fitness that women seem to gravitate to in the gym. The honest question to ask is: have you seen that much difference with all that walking on the treadmill? What you need to do is to switch your cardio from a steady, same pace type of session (i.e. walking at the same pace for 20 minutes) to one that is high intensity interval session. It will shock your system by blasting your body’s conditioning out of its comfort zone. The best way is to alternate your pace every thirty seconds by increasing and ending it with a minute sprint. Then cycle down to a walk and ratchet up the pace again and continue on for 4 to 5 cycles.

Another aspect of your workout should be how you consume carbs before and after your workout.

It’s best to time them around your workout because those are the times when your muscles will need them to endure the long recovery period. In addition, consuming fat is a good thing as long as they are a combination of healthy fats like fish oil. Dietary fat helps in controlling hunger and makes most foods taste better. So don’t believe that all fat and carbs are bad. Your goal is to identify the good ones.

Finally, a big part of a woman’s body is often the rear end. Working your glutes properly with the right exercises will give you that curvy, tight backside that you’re striving for. Squats that almost touch the ground are the best exercises here. Use heavy weights to make the squats challenging. You can also add one legged curls with weights to expand your repertoire here.

So, to recap the best exercises you should be incorporating into your workout plan:

1. Use heavier weights – drop the pink weights
2. Employ interval-type cardio
3. Eat the rights carbs and fat around your workout
4. Work the glutes with weights

So if you’re looking to get that sexy body with just the right curves and muscle, these few tips and tweak to your current workout plan will yield some awesome results if you give them a few weeks.

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