What is Body Weight Training?

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Article by Steven Taylor

Many people are now starting to get into bodyweight training as a form of exercise, rather than using weights. This could be as the result of an injury, or maybe they simply prefer to train in this way as it’s more suitable to the goal in which that want to attain.

For those who are still unclear, body weight training simply implies that rather than using weights in which to train, you train with the purpose of muscle production using your own body weight. There are many different exercises that can be done via body weight training, in fact, every muscle group can be worked in this way. Bodyweight training is perfect for those who want the toned look. Not too muscular, yet muscular and trim.

When body weight training I like to mix it up a bit, and train every area of my body. I always advise to start of with some stretches, and perhaps do a short, brisk run or row to get the blood pumping and the muscles ready for action before beginning your proper workout. I’ll then move onto the dipping machine, where I can work my triceps. I’ll also do pull-ups, pushups, squats, crunches, and planks, all of which work the body naturally, without any added weights.

As mentioned previously, bodyweight training is perfect for those who wish to weight train, but maybe cannot due to health issues or maybe even financial issues in that they don’t have access to any weight equipment or a gym. Simply do the exercises outlined, as well as the many other bodyweight training exercises that are available in the slow, controlled motion that you would, as when doing weights. This is to ensure you have the correct form, and to also guarantee that you’re pushing your muscles to their maximum exertion.

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