They Great Thing About Bodybuilding Nutrition Is That You Get To Eat A lot

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Some athletes may not give too much thought as to what they eat. They just know what they should eat and then they eat it. They don’t eat too much or too little and they likely never count calories. Bodybuilding nutrition is different. Bodybuilding nutrition requires a lot of eating. That’s because with bodybuilding nutrition you’re looking to always fuel your muscles, whereas performance nutrition only has you eating to get results out of a single event.

Bodybuilding nutrition has changed over the years. It used to be that bodybuilding was all about how big you got and so bodybuilding nutrition consisted mainly of eating everything in sight. This resulted in a lot of muscle gain, but it also resulted in fat gain. Bodybuilding nutrition has now become much more scientific.

Goal Oriented Nutrition

Bodybuilding nutrition today consists of scientifically getting the right amounts of nutrients in your body at certain times. For instance, bodybuilding nutrition includes lots of protein for muscle building, it includes lots of carbs for muscle fuel and it includes fat as well to help coat the muscles and to help them work more efficiently. However, bodybuilding nutrition depends on the bodybuilder’s goal. And no two bodybuilders likely eat the same thing or the same way.

Bulking And Cutting

Bodybuilding nutrition depends on what goals you have in mind. To become a bodybuilder, you have to bulk. This consists of eating lots of protein, lots of carbs and lots of fat. The workouts are hard and the idea is to convert all of those nutrients into rock hard muscle. Then, when the bodybuilder wants to show those muscles off, the bodybuilder nutrition must be different.

Bulking builds lots of muscle but it can also build up fat. That means that all your hard work is being covered by a layer of blubber. In order for your hard earned muscle to show, and to actually officially be called a bodybuilder, you must remove that fat while keeping the muscle. This takes a little know how and a lot of experimentation.

No two bodies work the same way. Some people have faster metabolisms than others and that means they may burn through nutrients faster than others. For that reason, bodybuilding nutrition must be tested and tweaked until you find out what works for you. Building muscle is easy, it’s the losing of fat while keeping the muscle that truly makes a bodybuilder a bodybuilder.


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