The Hated 8-Count Bodybuilders

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Many think that it takes a complicated well thought out plan to get in great physical shape the fact is that the more time you spend making your training more complicated the less time you spend training.

The greatest thing about bodyweight training is that you can get a great workout in a very short time building muscle and burning fat with one only exercise.

Look at most training plans, most experts give you anywhere from 8 to 15 different exercises in any given workout and unless someone shows me that the more complicated a workout, the better results; I’ll stick with a basic workout where I can get in a zone and work on my physical and mental conditioning. The more I have to think about my workout the less concentration I have for an all out assault on my level of fitness.

My mental and fitness level started to soar when I focused on no more than five exercises at a time, sometimes I do only one but mostly its two to three exercises at a time, it’s easy to remember and you can concentrate on breathing, the way the body is working and the only thought is getting done the task you set for the day.

A great exercise that the military used was the 8-count bodybuilder. What got me interested in the 8 count bodybuilder was a Navy Seal exercise book and the author explained that every Friday they had to do 1 nonstop set of 100 8-count bodybuilders and that they hated it. He hated it so much he left it out of the workout section of the book.

A full body exercise that will shrivel the fittest men and hated by a Navy Seal, in my opinion, if a Navy Seal leaves an exercise out that is tough and hated, it’s an exercise I want to do.

So how hard is 1 set of 100 8 – count bodybuilders? It’s brutal enough to have most men sore for a few days and tough enough to have another throw up. I will tell you that they are tough; I have tested myself and have done 500 in 47 minutes. This is an exercise that will test the fittest men on the planet, because it never gets easier unless you’re dogging it.

The best 100 8-count bodybuilder times I ever had was 100 in 6:00 minutes and if you think this time is easy try it just one time.

I do these every morning 4 times a week at about 4:00am to get the day started, and you talk about a pick me up. 8 count body builders will get you amped up for the day.

Try to just finish one set of 100 8- count body builders don’t focuson time, then on another day try to do 10 every minute for 10 minutes, doesn’t sound too tough right?

8-count body builders aren’t for the physically and mentally weak, if you want work on your physical and mental weakness give these a try.

Toughness Builds Winners


Johnny Grube B.C.S. F.F.S is an expert on the subject of functional bodyweight training and real functional fitness. He has over 30 years of training experience and is the holder of 4 bodyweight fitness world record and is the author of “The Wildman Training Program manual and Course” and the new” How to build explosive pushup power manual and other manuals For more info go to:

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