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Be prepared in developing your workout schedule!

So, you’ve decided to get started again and try a new sport like soccer, baseball, rowing, running, cycling, or tennis. Just making the decision to do so is leading you to a much healthier lifestyle.  OK, now what?  Take some time to prepare yourself for whats ahead of you concerning your increased physical activity.  Being better prepared will bring you confidence and create a better chance of you having fun and staying injury-free.

Get in Shape First

That means taking it slow when you first start out no matter what your sport is.  The best workout routines are those that incorporate preparing your body through conditioning prior to the season opening. Find a workout routine that’s specifically designed to prepare you for the activity. You can then gradually ramp up in the weeks or months before the activity begins.  A good rule of thumb is a 10 percent increase in activity each week. So start out six to eight weeks to get in shape and you’ll peck during your selected sport even.

Mix It Up

Cross training is a great way to mix it up and help prevent injuries, boredom, and burnout. Bikers, who use very specific muscle groups can incorporate complementary activities such as jogging or swimming to mix it up. Downhill skiers often use yoga to develop balance and flexibility. Challenge your body with several different activities to keep it fresh.

Get the Right Gear and Use It

With any sport you need to take pro-cations to protect yourself from injury.  Always wear padding, helmets, mouth guards, goggles, and other protective gear that are recommended for the sport along with making sure all equipment fits well. Don’t hop on a borrowed bicycle from a friend and head out on a 20-mile ride. Make sure you get the bike adjusted to your fit. Good shoes are a must, so don’t buy last year’s athletic shoes. It’s your body, so invest in this year’s shoes with good arch support.

Fuel Up

Hitting the road for an extended period of time without giving your body adequate fuel is a recipe for crash and burn. Along those lines make sure you have a way to carry water with you and drink before you get thirsty. Snacks that are high in carbohydrates such as energy bars, bananas, raisins, and trail mix will help you feel energetic.

Take your time and work yourself into a new sport slowly. This will prove to be the best workout routine you could prepare for yourself.

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