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If you are looking for good strength training workouts, then what sort of program do you need?

Obviously every individual is looking for slightly different priorities, or results from their strength training workouts, but any good plan will have certain common themes. Working with weights is by far the best way to improve strength, so let’s look at exercises in that category.

1) Focus on exercises which require the use of more than one joint at a time. Chin-ups are one example. These are known as “compound exercises” and they are good for two reasons. They allow you lift more weight in one go, and of course work more muscle groups. It’s almost like getting two exercises for the price of one!

2) A program where its easy to track your performance. Any strength training workouts where you can easily check you are doing more each week are good.

It’ll help make sure you are not pushing yourself beyond sensible limits, but it can also act as a motivating factor. The feeling from being able to exceed last week’s target for example, is always a great boost to the ego.

3) Your program will not actually have you over training. It’s easy to jump in in that first rush of enthusiasm and work-out like crazy. This is actually bad for you in the long term as the muscles rebuild and become stronger in the down times when you are resting and eating. Overworking early on will actually slow down the muscle and strength benefits you are looking for.

Strength training workouts can yield good gains at fast speeds without eating into your time if applied correctly. Good luck!

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