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When it comes to playing the game of soccer, there are several pieces that need to fall into place for a player. For instance, if you’re not ready to defend, and at times run backwards, the opposing team can run rough shot on you. You’ll find that the world is quite difficult to manage when it comes to defense, if you can’t backpedal and turn on a dime. You’ll have to not only be able to change position, flip your direction backwards and forewards, but also be able to do it for the full 90 minutes if need be. Do not assume that if you’re not a center, you have to work less than others, you will have to work as hard as you can during training to accomplish more than the opposing squad when it comes down to playing, even if you’re a goalie.

To start your endurance training, it’s suggested that you start jogging in the mornings.

If you’re not jogging already, start tomorrow morning. Start with 15 minutes of jogging throughout your city, then move forward and go 30 minutes. After you’ve gone 30 minutes and it becomes relatively easy, then try to go forward for an hour at a time. If you find yourself doing an hour time with ease, then make sure that you start running full speed for 15 minutes, then running full speed for 30 minutes. Eventually running full speed every morning should become the norm.

The second thing to do when working on endurance, is to get on a treadmill at night or in the afternoon. Spend no less than an hour jogging on a treadmill at different inclines. This will seem difficult at first, but it’s going to help you in the long run. Make sure that you’re jogging and not fully running.

Your running should be reseved for another time.

Lastly, to improve endurance and dexterity, go to the field and start at one end lunging forward. Lunges are a crucial element to dexterity and endurance, and if you can do forward lunges through the course of a full soccer field, you’ll start to gain stamina and strength in your lower body. Combine this with your running, and you’ll have a great combination of options that will lead you to move along faster than ever thorough training.

One last thing to remember when working on soccer endurance is to make sure that you combine your cardio vascular exercise with weight lifting. The call is not to do major weights, but rather to work out on the upper body and lower body alike. When building lean muscle, you have to work on toning and definition because you’ll need the balance that comes with exercising your whole body. If you only run, you will have one set of skills down, but not the endurance that is necessary in moving ahead of the compeititon. Mix things up and you’ll find that you can gain a major foothold in endurance and stamina training. Do not concentrate on one thing, make sure that you go forward with many options.

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