Running For Beginners – Three Tips

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Running is so natural, people have been running for millennium, that some think they can just go start running. Although you can it’s best to follow the advice below.

Start slowly – You don’t run a marathon in the beginning. Regardless of your fitness level, running will introduce new stresses into your body so you need to start slowly. This also applies to runners who have taken a while off.

You can start very slowly, perhaps only running a quarter or half a mile at a time. Another great option is alternating walking with running. Even if you are only running a hundred feet at a time it’s a beginning and you can build up from there.

Vary your pace and distance – You’ll get more benefit by varying your pace and distance. Do you think marathon runners only practice by running marathon distances as fast as they can? Of course not! Some days push yourself and other days take it easy.

Don’t increase your distance too fast – That makes it more likely to get an injury.

You need to build up your distance very slowly. Some people recommend not increases your distance by more than 10% a week and that seems pretty prudent.

That may mean if you have a goal that it will take a long time to reach it. So what? If you enjoy running that shouldn’t be a burden. For example I’m planning on running a marathon in two years, which is quite conservative but safe in terms of minimizing the risk of injury.

Running can be great if you do it right and don’t push yourself too hard too fast and increase your odds of in jury. Since you need to build up slowly, why not get started today?

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