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Hello! Today I am going to show you 9 different push up variations that will make your arms, chest, and shoulder muscles get super strong. These perfect push ups are an awesome free body weight exercise for strengthening and toning you upper body! Use these push up variations to ad into your daily workout for awesome results.

1: Prison Cell Pushups

These pushups are awesome. There are 3 different moves to every 1 rep. First you start in the standard pushup position and lower your chest all the way to the ground. Then as you lift your body up, you bring your right knee all the way into your chest. Then do another pushup while bringing the left knee into the chest. Now do another pushup, but this time immediately kick your feet to your hands and jump high in the air. Now your done with 1 rep.

2: Standard Push ups

Toes on the ground, hands shoulder width apart, butt down and back straight.

Lower your chest to the ground while bending your elbows out. Now lift your chest back up.

3: Military Style Pushups

Same as a standard push up, except when you lower your chest down, make sure that your elbows pinch your sides.

4: Wide Grip Push ups

Same as standard pushups, but you spread your hands out as far as you can while remaining in good form!

5: Decline Pushups

Again, this is the same stance as a standard pushup, with the only difference being that you have your feet elevated on something. The higher the elevation, the harder the pushup is.

6: Diamond Push ups

Touch your pointer finger and your thumb from each hand to form a diamond shape.

Now get in the pushup position with your hands in front of your chest. Lower your chest all the way down to touch your hands and raise yourself back up. If you cant do these, then start with your hands a little farther apart.

7: Dive Bomber Pushups

Now these pushups really rock! These are one of my favorites out of this push up variations page! You start with your feet wide, your hands shoulder width apart, and your butt high. Now lower your head toward the floor and push your pelvis toward the floor and push your body forward and straighten your arms while keeping your pelvis down. Imagine trying to slide under a fence. Your body should be straight from your toes to your hips, and then your back should be curved backward. Now curve your head downward while raising your butt back into the air. That is 1 rep.

8: V Push ups

Start with your feet flat on the floor, lower your hand to the floor while keeping your legs straight. Your body should be in the shape of an upside down V. Now lower your head a low to the floor as you can and bring it back up all while making sure that you don’t bend your knees.

9: Kipping Pushups

For all my fellow crossfitters out there, I know you have heard of kipping pull-ups. Well, the same principle applies. Use speed and momentum to help you knock out as more quantity of pushups in less time. Start in the standard pushup position and lower yourself down. Now snap your butt and hips upward and thrust your arms and upper body up. You are not lifting your butt all the way up, simply a small snap of the hips to get the thrust out of your arms.

Thank you for checking out this perfect push up variations page. I hope you incorporate some or all of these free body weight exercises into your daily workout!

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