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Humans evolved from ape-like creatures more than two million years ago according to Anthropologists. Hunting, running and other activities necessary for survival contributed to the anatomical features of how humans look like today. These experts believe that our genus, Homo, evolved from ape-like human ancestors called Australopithecus that could run and hop, thus favored the perpetration of human anatomical features to run long distances and walk upright erect.

Humans may have developed the ability to run as a form of survival instincts such as hunting for food, scavenging the wild for carcasses and escaping from predators. Nowadays, running has become not just a form of exercise but has evolved to become a well-loved sport. Running may refer to a variety of sports with a variety of speed such as jogging to sprinting. For any running event, various running tools are required to avoid injuries and accidents, thus making running a safe way to lose weight and improve cardiovascular functioning.

The first tool needed in running is a pair of shoes.

Running shoes, specifically designed for certain type of foot structures such as flat feet, normal arched and high arched feet, provide cushion for even distribution of force and protection from injuries when the feet strike the ground. It is important that foot type is determined before buying running shoes so that you will be able to get your moneys worth as shoes do not only protect the structures needed in running but they make running enjoyable.

Having a heart rate monitor will guide you in your running activities as it will tell you when to stop to catch your breath, when to increase your speed and when to see a doctor and more importantly the type of running program for you as heart monitors reveal pertinent information about your body.

Monitoring your heart rate definitely lets you observe some abnormalities in your cardiac activity thus you can get the maximum effect of your training effort.

Next, you need to have a caloric table that will aid you to consume the needed caloric intake for your running activities. No one wants to starve their brain cells. By means of food calorie table, you can calculate the calories you need to have from among the essential nutrients such as fats, carbohydrates and proteins, as the caloric value of certain food products in pieces are already indicated.

Finally, running is not just about physical strength and endurance but also about having the right mental status and attitude. Motivate yourself by thinking that you are in a great shape thus adrenaline rush is channeled efficiently and appropriately. Always remember that in the end, it is not always about winning but it is how you played the game that gives satisfaction and fulfillment if you are running for a competition against opponents or just competing against yourself to beat a record.

Everyday, you are surrounded by and in the middle of a stress-producing situations and environment. Thus, it is healthy that you engage in stress-detoxifying activities such as participating in the fireball beat. As tension and stress surmounts in the home or office, engaging in the Indianapolis 5k activities will inarguably allow you some time to meditate and review your objectives in life and will definitely give you a better perspective about everything.

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