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Article by Alison Anderson

Huggies Jean Diapers – Pooping in Your Pants Has Never Been CoolerPlain, white diapers are boring, and they bring you down a very dark alley in Memory Lane; face it: you secretly dread taking out another Huggies newborn diapers from the pack, because that means you’ll have to put up with the overwhelming smell when you change your newborn’s diapers. Cue frustration and more cleaning up when your precious baby decides to move at the wrong time.However, there’s a new product in town that promises to eliminate this image, and replace it with total “coolness”. You’ll always want to take another one out of the diaper pack, because it looks so good on your baby. The epitome of cool has arrived: Huggies Jean Diapers.Huggies JEAN Diapers?! Won’t it be uncomfortable?Contrary to what you might be speculating, Huggies Jean Diapers isn’t made out of denim. No manufacturer in the right mind will make diapers out of denim – it’ll be THE failure of the diapers industry. These pull-up diapers are just like ordinary diapers, with a denim pattern imprinted onto the exterior of the diaper. In essence, they do what ordinary newborn diapers do – they make sure whatever comes out of your baby stays in the diapers until you decide to change it. However, they stand out from normal baby diapers – as the catchphrase goes, it’s “the coolest you’ll look pooping in your pants”.I still don’t understand how these pull-up diapers are so cool.Have you ever watched the commercial by Huggies? Although it seems to have an unintentionally pedophilic connotation, this commercial fully demonstrates how good your baby will look in one of these pull-up diapers. In the commercial, the main character turns heads wherever he goes just wearing jean diapers – you’ll definitely get compliments about how good your baby looks like when he wear these diapers!In fact, from what the customers have been saying, Huggies Jean Diapers are great precisely because their babies can wear just the diapers alone without any pants. They’ll look presentable enough for you to bring your precious little one out on the streets wearing just the pair of pull-up diapers.I want to get one as well! Where do I get them from?To get this awesome pair of “denim” diapers (it’s not real denim, as mentioned), simply head down to any Huggies store or their authorized retailers – as one of the biggest and most trusted diapers retailer, there’ll definitely be one near your home. However, you might want to give them a call before you head over to buy one of these denim pull-up diapers – it’ll be a bummer if you head down there only to find that it’s out of stock already.Don’t want to go on a road trip just to get it? You can also get it through the Huggies online store – just visit its website, and go over to the online store’s webpage to buy your diapers! You have to note, though, that this pair of diapers is more expensive, at $ 19.99 per pack of 72.That’s expensive! Are there any discounts for them?There sure is! You can get pull-up coupons, or pull-up discount codes from many online sources – just do a quick Google search for “pull-up coupons”, and you’ll get a whole list of websites that offer these coupons! These coupons will deduct a few dollars off your purchase of the Huggies Jean Diapers, making it at the same price as the normal Huggies diapers.So, what are you waiting for? Get these pull-up discount codes online, buy these diapers from the online store, and you’ll never regret your purchase – your child will be the coolest kid in town just wearing by wearing these.

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