How to Prepare for the Army Physical Fitness Test

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There are things in life that aren’t easy – and preparing for the Army Physical Fitness Test is one among them. There are very few soldiers who could claim to have maxed out the army physical fitness test. And the reasons why preparation for, and maxing out the army physical fitness test requires meticulous attention and studious efforts, have more to do with the way people tend to approach the test.

Sufficient and Regular Training: For one thing, preparation for the army physical fitness test has a lot to do with training specifically for the test. One should realise that exercising is not to be equated with physical fitness. Training for the test requires just that – training specifically for the tests and for the tasks that one would be expected of in the tests. Further, even if one trained for the tests, there is also the issue of training enough for the test that would take them to their desired destinations.

For instance, if one were to do the specific preparations required but if the preparations were done infrequently or irregularly, it would not translate into performance in the physical fitness test.

Right combination of Exercise, Diet and Rest: And it is not just about exercises, their duration and their frequency alone that matters when it comes to preparation for army physical fitness test. While physical training and exercises are no doubt essential, it is also important that sufficient focus is given on the aspects of diet and rest. Most physical fitness trainers feel that they have not much control over what their trainees eat when being away from the training programmes, which is a major factor that leads to failure in performance.

One should watch out on what one eats, and it has to include a lot of lean proteins, vegetables and a significant proportion of fresh fruits. It is important to realise that any extra weight would respond to the gravitational pull and would have a negative impact on performance. At the same time, continuous and strenuous exercises without adequate rests would also hinder the body’s ability from complete recovery. Proper exercises punctuated with the right rest schedules help the body recuperate and rejuvenate for optimum performance.

For best performance in Army Physical Fitness Tests, training has to be done thrice a week and the focus has to be on the right exercises that would enable you towards excelling at sit-ups, push-ups and the two mile run. Running has to be done for a distance longer than what is required for the tests, while running should be done after the strength training is done with. Concentrating on these steps would get the best out of performance during army physical fitness tests.

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