How to do Deadlifts with Dumbbells

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The deadlift refers to a weight training exercise where a dumbbell or a loaded barbell is lifted off the ground from a stabilized, bent over position. Deadlift is one of the canonical power-lifting exercises with others being bench press and squat. Deadlift is an exercise where dead weight, i.e., the weight without any interia, is lifted off the ground. All the repetitions in this exercise begin with dead weight, which makes it one of the most effective exercises. For this reason, deadlift has been amongst the most feared exercises by bodybuilders. On the other hand, it is highly liked by powerlifters. Deadlift is a mass builder and determines your strength.

Deadlifts are primarily performed using barbells, but can also be done using dumbbells. All the deadlift exercises that are performed using barbells can be replaced by the dumbbells.

But, special caution is required while performing deadlift exercises with dumbbells. A barbell actually distributes the weight equally on both sides of the bar, thereby resulting in equal straining and strengthening of the muscles. Moreover, a barbell is easy to lift, even if overloaded, because of the balance and equal distribution of weight. Plus, the lifter gets ample space to make hand adjustments on the bar, which is otherwise not possible on the dumbbells.

Dumbbells can be used to do deadlifts, but it is recommended that weight should be increased as tolerated. As both the hands move independent of each other, there is high possibility that muscles on either side get more developed, or contrariwise. Some of the powerlifters consider deadlifts to be true test of total strength as a deadlift begins at its most difficult point without any stored elastic energy. With the help of dumbbells, deadlifts can be performed from sides, too. Only problem you can find with dumbbells is the inability to hold at comfortable place and making the correct balance, to perform the deadlifts correctly. Generally, one extremity, either upper or lower, is weaker than the other, and can lift less weight than the opposite one. In case of a barbell, the stronger extremity supports the weaker extremity, and weight gets equally distributed, allowing the lifter to perform deadlifts without much problem. With dumbbells, the extremities move independent of each other, which makes it difficult to lift off the weight, as the weaker extremity does not get any support from the stronger one.

Extra caution should be taken while doing deadlifts with dumbbells, because you are more prone to back injuries in this scenario. As deadlifts are highly effective, performing these exercises wrongly can lead to even serious injuries of the back or other muscles of the body. It is recommended to perform Deadlift With Dumbbells only under supervision of your trainer.



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