Gain Muscle, Not Fat – 3 Essential Tips You Need to Gain Muscle, Not Fat

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If you’ve been researching muscle building for a while, you know that you’ve got to seriously pack away the food to make any real progress. However, with this huge food intake can sometimes come unwanted fat gain. You need to learn how to eat to gain muscle, not fat!

This article will explain how to gain muscle, not fat through proper nutrition and training. At the end of the article, discover the best, most proven system for building muscle fast, and learn how you can gain up to 40 pounds of muscle in just 6 months.

Focus On Protein As Your Primary Nutrient

You have probably heard about the benefits of a high protein intake for building muscle, but it’s also the best nutrient for avoiding fat gain, as well! Whereas dietary fat, and even carbs can be relatively easily converted to fat, it is a very difficult, inefficient process for your body to do so with protein.

In addition to its low likelihood of being turned into fat, protein has an extremely high thermic effect.

Carbs and fats are very easily digested by your body with little energy consumption, but your body uses a great deal of energy to digest protein. This means that you are burning more calories, and potentially more fat when you eat lots of protein.

Eat Carbs At The Right Times

Carbs can be an extremely beneficial nutrient, but they can also easily be converted into fat when consumed in the wrong ways at the wrong times. You need to eat the right sources, and consume them at right times of day to make sure you are using them to gain muscle, not fat.

The best sources of carbs are complex, such as whole grains, some breads, and potatoes. These will digest slowly, are unlikely to be converted to fat, and will provide the most stable source of energy.

They are the best carbs to eat for giving you energy to train hard.

The best times to eat carbs are in the morning and before and after training. In the morning, your body is ready to accept lots of nutrients and will most likely store carbohydrates at glycogen in your muscles, and not fat. Before and after training, your body is also ready to use carbs as energy to gain muscle, not fat.

Train Hard!

Now it doesn’t matter how much or how well you eat, if you want to gain muscle, not fat with that huge food intake, you’re going to need to seriously train hard. You have to give your body a big reason to grow and use all of that extra energy.

Follow A Proven Muscle Building System!

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