Full Body Muscle Building Workout that Works

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Full body muscle building workout is used by a great majority of bodybuilders and models on fitness magazines. And there is a good reason why the full body muscle building workout is so famous because you actually work on some core exercises that targets different muscles groups at once. The focus in this article will be on gaining a lot of muscle mass.

Before you even start your workout, you need to have a nutrition plan. You won’t get anywhere in your muscle mass journey if you don’t have a nutrition plan as it is even more important than the actual building muscle workouts.

Full body muscle building workout nutrition guideline

Some simple guidelines for your nutrition are:

– Eat at least 6 meals a day.

– Eat a big breakfast with a good amount of proteins as your body has been in starving mode for many hours during your sleep.

– Each meal should contain a good portion of proteins.

– You need protein with carbs right after you have been working out.

– You need some healthy fat during your day, this can be through fish, fish oil pills, mixed nuts etc.

When you got your nutrition covered in your muscle building workout, you can move on to the actual exercises. The exercises we will focus on are some core exercises and not isolation exercises as we want to build a lot of mass.

Full body muscle building workout exercises

In these building muscle workouts you train every other day as your body needs rest after such a heavy workout. Between each sets you rest maximum for 90 seconds, ideally 75 seconds. This is between every set in your full body building muscle workouts.

You will be doing the following exercises in the full body muscle building workouts:

– Bent over row – 4 sets – 6-10 repetitions.- Bench press – 4 sets – 6- 10 repetitions.- Dead lift – 3-4 sets – 6-10 repetitions.- Squat – 5 sets – 8-12 repetitions.- Shoulder press – 4 sets – 6 – 10 repetitions.- Dips – 4 sets – 6-10 repetitions.

When you do the dip, you can strap yourself with a weight belt and put weight on when you feel it is time to progress.

You can change the above building muscle workout order as you want. Full body muscle building workout routines hits your core and can be tough to start out with. But if you want to get the most out of it, you need progression.

With progression in this building muscle workout I mean, every time you can take the maximum amount of repetitions, for example 10 repetitions on the bench press with ease every time, you know that it is time to put some more weight on, progression.

It is important that you are honest with yourself with this building muscle workout and don’t get comfortable in working with the same weights repeatedly.

If you follow the above guidelines for your full body muscle building workout, you are guaranteed to see positive changes in your physique. Have a nice full body muscle building workout!

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