Football Strength Workouts Off Season

July 17, 2012 by  
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Article by Vicki Cory

Football Strength Workouts Off Season – Sports

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Introducing the the Premiere Explosive Football Training Workouts Program, complete with Workouts for Speed, Strength and Conditioning for Players and Coaches at the High School and College Level. A complete, Done-for-You, Plug-and-Play Workout Program – No more guesswork, no more wasting valuable time on bogus football workout plans. A Failure-Proof way to DRASTICALLY Increase Your Football Speed and Strength and Get Faster where it counts…on the Football Field!

I was very lucky to have had an excellent strength coach who helped me understand what it took to build a football training workout program that would increase football speed, strength and explosiveness; one that took skinny, weak, freshman and turned them into big, fast hitting machines.

He started me on the path & through hundreds of hours of study and thousands in the weight room, I developed a Can’t-Fail Football Workout Program

However, when I got to college, I realized not everyone was so lucky…what I saw when I got there was the sad reality of most football training programs…

Do you know that you are basically being lied to every single day on the internet and in “muscle magazines?”

Have you realized that 9 out of every 10 “football training experts” have never even played football before? (and by the looks of them, some don’t look like they even lift weights!)

If you’re SICK of wasting countless hours doing no-results workouts in the weightroom and running through cone drills that do nothing but make you look silly…

and you’re sick to your stomach at the thought of having another football season pass by with younot being the All-Star caliber player that you deserve to be…

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many of the thousands of my readers and trainees were once in your spot…tired of not playing to your potential…tired of working your tail off in the weightroom without an ounce of muscle or a speck of speed to show for it…tired and disgusted with the thought of “ok, I’ll get ’em next game, that’s gonna’ be MY game.”

But, that big game never comes…it’s always next play, next game, next year… Well, we don’t play forever. And, your season and career can come to an end in a nano-second! You need to make sure that every single thing you do:

*Every Football Training Workout*Every Drill*Every Sprint*Everthing You Eat*Every Speed Training Session

…They all must lead you one step closer to becoming a dominant football player; an All-Star.

See, the story at the top of this site is true.

I started off my football career in High School as a 12-year old (yes, 12!) chubby kid who had NEVER played football before. Because of my size, I was thrown in with the varsity team. Needless to say, I was having a rough time competing with 17 and 18 year old players who had a DECADE of experience.

There were a few coaches who didn’t think much of me then. And, once when I walked into the office, they asked me if I thought I would ever start, and I said yes.

As I left, they laughed and made a joke about me.

They didn’t know I heard them, but I did. Rather than get sad, I got angry…and MOTIVATED! My head coach always believed in me and he worked with me to teach me how to get stronger, faster, more explosive and a better football player.

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Vicki Cory

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For more information on Football Strength Workouts

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