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Article by Robin Brain

Over 70% of the earth is hydrosphere and the importance of waterways cannot be undermined. In fact, job of is one of the most exciting and challenging fields for people who are passionate about sea and are desirous of working in the environment.

Importance in Freight Services

While the passenger use of waterways has substantially reduced due to expansion and affordability of airways, it is freight for which the services are mostly used all over the world. Over 80% of the goods are transported through the waterways across the globe. In fact, waterways are the major means of transportation of goods at global levels.

Nature of Job

Basic features of the job of are as follows.

It deals with nautical architecture and science subjects. involves research carried out in ocean, inland waters, or coastal belts.Task of the marine engineer is construction and maintenance of ships as well as other sailing vessels.Interrelated Professions

Three professions are interrelated for the marine engineer.

Naval architecture, involving basic designs for the ships including hull forms, power, structure, stability, and such other issues.Marine engineering, involving complete responsibilities of the technical aspects of the ship. Machineries, engines, turbines, mechanical apparatus, electrical apparatus, and fluid management are all part of their job. Construction, maintenance and smooth operation of engine room is their most important contribution to the ship management.Ocean engineering, involving study of the environment in the ocean and determining its effects on the ships, marine vehicles and different structures. Designing and operating stationary ocean platforms or manning sub surface vehicles for deep sea exploitation are their specific jobs.Basic Features

Marine engineers are members of the crew of the ship in charge of management of the team of marine technicians as well as the craftspeople. With the technological improvement in recent years, the role of marine engineer has taken a wider perspective.

Education and Training

Basic academic qualification and training required for the marine engineers include –

4-year BE course is the basic academic qualification.It is basically an offshore job and extensive training is required.Remunerations are very lucrative.Immense job opportunities for marine engineers exist in public sectors and private sectors. While the defense and public shipping corporations use their services extensively, private shipping companies and other organizations also offer substantial employment opportunities for them.

At state university website people desirous of becoming marine engineer will find information on various aspects like job specification, academic and technical requirements and various job opportunities available. A comprehensive university directory it will also indicate quality academies imparting training for aspirant candidates.

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