Exercises for lower back pain – here are the 3 exercises

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Most people who suffer from low back pain also suffer internal injuries due to muscle lifting heavy weights. Some people may experience back pain due to tight muscles and weak. The best back exercises for low back pain are those that combine the best training exercise, low-impact aerobics, stretching and strengthening exercises.

There are few effective back exercises for back pain such as swimming and walking can provide muscle relaxation in the bottom and can accelerate the process of strengthening the back. It is also important to improve muscle injury and lengthen shortened muscles in the lumbar region. Once you are able to reduce your pain, you will be able to achieve proper body position in a few days.

Best 3 back exercises for back pain

The following are three important back exercises for back pain should be done under the expert guidance of a trainer and must have a minimum of 5-10 repetitions each day to achieve the desired results within weeks.

1) Conduct crisis exercise training to reverse the contraction of investing focuses on the lower abdomen.

First start this exercise by lying on your back and keep your feet in the air while keeping the knees bent at 90 degrees. Now put your hand under your buttocks and your back parallel to floor. Now start to put pressure on the lower abdomen while lifting the buttocks from the floor. Keep your body in this position for few seconds and then slowly relax the body to the normal position.

2) extend the practical exercise of camel camel This stretch is one of the most effective stretching exercises can reduce back pain in a few days with regular practice. This exercise begins with a position that a person should lie on the floor in the stomach. Then, slowly, to a position where the hands come under the shoulders and knees under your hips out. Now slowly start raising their hands and hips in an upward direction, while maintaining his stomach on the floor. Stay in this position for few seconds and return to its original position after that.

3) Try turning basic exercise is another exercise basic rotation pain that can efficiently produce results much faster compared with other back exercises. Lie on the floor with his back touching the ground and keep your arms straight in the outward direction. Now begin to breathe and bring your knees close to your chest slowly. After a few seconds, bring your knees to the starting position while exhaling slowly. Repeat this cycle, while also repeating inhale and exhale at the same time.

Try these 3 simple back exercises but very effective in the comfort of your own home and get rid of low back pain in a couple of weeks permanently.

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