Ernestine Shepherd: Oldest Female Body Builder

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Ms. Ernestine Shepherd has been recently recognized by Guinness as the oldest female athlete in the world thanks to the admirable and fit body. She still works as a trainer at the sport centers. She is currently living with her husband, her son and grandchildren in Baltimore city, Maryland.


Every morning, Ernestine Shepherd gets up at 3 am for meditating and running 16km before lunch. Her diet is very strict which contains three meals with brown rice, chicken breasts, vegetables and three glasses of raw eggs per day. Especially, she always refuses sweets, desserts, and hamburgers. She said that she enjoyed everything she ate. She shared, “My main thing — I drink liquid egg whites… And that isn’t a supplement. I drink that to keep myself lean and strong.”


Ms. Stepherd’s strict practicing schedule

The oldest female bodybuilder drinks three glasses of raw eggs everday

Ms. Shepherd’s husband always encourages her to practice sports. He prepares meals to make sure she stays fueled up on Gatorade, drinks plenty of water and is well-rested. 

Stepherd is talking about an award she gained in a competition

Ms Shepherd and her sport training class in the center

Ms. Shepherd with a happy smile in the Guinness World Records ceremony 2011

Ms. Shepherd is showing her healthy body at the age of 74

Currently, our oldest female body builder wishes to be on the cover of a magazine which shows how wonderful and healthy the old look in sportswear. Talking about the record, Ernestine Shepherd shares that she is happy when her husband and family create favorable conditions and time for her to practice sports. Within 18 years, Ms. Shepherd has joined in marathon competitions and won two bodybuilding contests.

Ernestine Shepherd: World’s oldest body builder

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