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Article by Tom Selwick

There are many different ways to strength train. With so many different types of equipment to choose from, the choice can seem overwhelming at first.

One of the most popular types of strength training equipment is the kettlebell. There are many different types of kettlebells including the Cap, Wright, Troy, Body Solid, and Dragon Door.

In some cases the differences in features between these kettlebells are very small. However, as you try them out you will definitely develop a love for one particular kind.

Even though some of these kettlebells are not very different in aspects, there is a huge difference in price. The Dragon Door usually costs much more than the other types of kettlebells.

Many people have found that the Dragon Door is similar to the other brands, but the price is based on the cosmetic appearance. For most people, the Dragon Door price is simply not worth it if the only benefit is appearance.

The Dragon Door kettlebell is the reason that kettlebells have come back as a popular strength training tool. Many retailers love the fact that Dragon Door kettlebells can bring in such a high price.

It is likely that these retailers will emphasize the benefits of the more expensive Dragon Door, but there is not really a significant difference. The only reason you may want to invest in the Dragon Door kettlebells is if you plan on becoming Russian Kettlebell certified.

However, beginners especially have no need for the expensive kettlebells. The price of kettlebells is not the only factor you will have to consider when determining the dent a purchase will put in your budget.

You will also have to consider the shipping costs. Some sites incorporate the price of shipping into the price.

Others will keep the shipping in the small print at the bottom. The shipping of a kettlebell will not be cheap because the mailing system is based on weight.

In comparison, the total cost of a Dragon Door kettlebell will be about five times what it will cost for a Troy. A Wright kettlebell will cost about three times the amount for a Troy and a CAP will cost about twice as much as a Troy kettlebell.

The two most popular brands among the everyday population are the CAP and Wright kettlebells. The most defining features of these kettlebells are the smoothness of the handle, the width, and the thickness.

The CAP handle features a baked enamel finish. This enamel finish provides for a very smooth, glossy surface.

In comparison, the Wright kettlebell has a comparatively rough handle with a painted surface. This provides a nice texture so that the kettlebell will not slip around in your hand.

The Troy kettlebells also have fairly rough surface with a clear coat of paint on the handle. In the past, the Troy kettlebells were much rougher.

However, they have made improvements and the handles now reflect the quality of the Dragon Door handle. Preference on handle smoothness is a decision made by every consumer.

If your hands sweat a lot and you prefer not to use chalk, you probably want to use a kettlebell with more texture so that you do not lose your grip. On the other hand, if you do not sweat very much, and you are not planning on long workout, you may want to invest in the smoother handles.

Be careful with the combination of a rough handle and chalk because it can cause callous tears much quicker than other types of handles and combinations. Another feature that you will want to think about is the handle width and size.

This is a big concern for people with big hands. The shape has a big impact on how comfortable it is to use the kettlebell.

A square handle is generally uncomfortable after a little use whether or not the kettlebell fits your hand properly or not. Most kettlebells have rounded handles now because they are much more comfortable.

Most kettlebells are cast as one piece. This means that they are not assembled or filled with anything, but they are all one piece.

Kettlebells that are one piece include the CAP, Dragon Door, and the Wright. The Troy kettlebell is made of two pieces with the handle inserted into the bell two to three inches and welded.

There are hundreds of different exercises that can help you obtain the form that you want using kettlebells. Kettlebells can help you get a full body workout.

Tom Selwick has worked as a personal trainer for the last 14 years and written hundreds of articles about personal fitness and kettlebell.

Contact Info:Tom SelwickTomSelwick09@gmail.com

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