Breast Exercises For Women After Breast Cancer Surgery

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Article by Ashley R. Wilks

The most effective way to get back to being able to perform your normal everyday activities after breast cancer surgery is to increase your endurance and strengthen your body. This is why breast exercises for women that have had this kind of surgery is a must. You will certainly want to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise routine, and he or she will more than likely recommend that you do exercise.

Anybody that has went through surgery as a result of breast cancer can definitely benefit from exercise. It doesn’t matter if the surgery was to remove cancerous lumps or the entire breast, rehabilitation exercises are a must. By performing exercises that involve your arm and chest muscles on a regular basis, you will be reducing joint stiffness, promoting blood flow and softening and stretching scar tissue which all help with the healing process. Radiation treatment can also affect the arm and shoulder near the surgery site for many months after the surgery that exercise can help alleviate.

I must stress the importance of consulting your doctor before beginning any exercise regiment. This way he or she can evaluate your condition to determine if you’re ready for exercise. If you haven’t gained full use of the affected arm a few weeks after surgery, your doctor will probably refer you to a physical or occupational therapist.

Your post surgery exercises should begin basic and gradually increase difficulty. Doctors and therapists also recommend that you try to do many of your everyday tasks using the affected arm. These include things such as brushing your teeth and hair, getting dressed and other light-duty tasks. One light exercise that’s often recommended is to put your arm on an elevated pillow for 45 intervals 2 or 3 times a day. Range-of-motion exercises are also very beneficial after surgery. These exercises include flexing you hand, forearm and elbow. You should be able to move on to more advanced stretches and exercises 3 weeks after you surgery.

You will also benefit fro an exercise DVD that focuses on exercises that are specifically designed for people that have had breast cancer surgery. There’s not a whole lot of DVDs out there with the sole purpose of rehabilitating breast cancer patients, but there are a few, and one that I’ve heard good things about is called:

Breast Cancer Survivor: Focus on Healing

The main focus of this video is to aid people that are recovering from breast cancer surgery. It accomplishes this through the use of gentle exercises that include stretching, toning and movement exercises that are all performed by breast cancer survivors in this video. They use the “Lebod Method” which increases your flexibility, extends your range of motion and helps improve your self image. The video plays soothing classical music as you learn deep breathing exercises and move on to upper body stretches using rhythmic, flowing motions. You will then progress to hand relaxation exercises, arm swings, walking steps and easy dance steps. Modifications to the exercises are included if you would prefer to sit while exercising.

You can also Google “breast cancer exercise videos”. This will bring up a lot of videos that you can view from your computer. Another way to get some free videos that you can view from your computer is to go to YouTube which has a fair amount of them as well.

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