Benefits of Doing Push Ups ? You Should Know

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There is one very important exercise that one should include in a fitness regimen as a must. This would be the push ups. There are a number of benefits that come out of this. They can be as follows:

It builds up the chest muscles
There is help going to the triceps and the pecs. You will be able to properly sculpt your chest and the shoulders too.
The muscles in legs also become strong, which include the calves, quads and the hamstrings.
You can realize that you can workout longer than you used to before. This happens because the body becomes stronger day by day and as a result you can do more push ups with increasing time.
Doing it regularly helps you to increase your muscles. This way your muscles grow too.
It helps avoid injures. This acts as a protective mechanism in case of injury prone exercises. This is particularly true in the case of weight training exercises.
The best benefit among all is that you do not have to spend anything over it. you do not have to carry any equipment with you in order to do push ups. You can do it as and when you find time and wherever you want to. you can do it in the luxury of your home

How does this work?

When you are doing the push ups, if you notice you can see that you are muscles of the entire body are involved in the process. This way, even the muscles of the leg are becoming strong. 

When you do push ups there are certain hormones that are produced in excess in the body, which help you to increase the muscle mass too. This way you are indirectly increasing the muscle too.

When you are a person who does regular push ups, you can see that you will be able to do the weight involving exercises easy than the others.

In conclusion you should know that you are actually building up many of your body parts even without your knowledge in the process of doing these push ups. Thus it is actually a full body workout. With all the benefits and the cost free health being acquired, it would be wise for all to try and do it at home or wherever they would want to, whenever time permits. Such is the versatility of doing push ups.

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