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If you thought that back muscle exercises are only meant for those having a spine ache, then you are wrong. In fact, it is meant for everyone, especially the working professionals and the ones who are leading a sedentary lifestyle. You never know when a back injury happens. Sometimes, it can be a result of lifting up heavy weight abruptly or incorrect sleeping or sitting postures. Yet, back pain can result from a long period of physical inactivity or the absence of a proper exercise regime. Therefore, it is imperative that you devote yourself to back muscle exercises daily for a healthy spine.

Advancements in medical science have introduced a volley of back pain relief equipments that can enhance your exercise routine. You can carry out your daily back muscle exercises with the help of these devices. For instance, an exercise base provides you the support system, on which you can practice yoga postures, mild glandular exercises and Pilates. Similarly, a neck pillow helps you in practicing light neck stretches and rotations to ease your neck muscles. You can use it in office as well as home. Other innovative product variants that you can use are chest risers, massage gels, heat/cold treatments, waist and shoulder belts, and exercise DVD’s and many others.

However, the world is going all holistic with back muscle exercises. They are simple, easy and can be practiced within the comfort zone of your house. Few exercises that you can practice in this regards are listed below-

Vertical Arcs

Horizontal Arcs

Arm Circles

Mini Crunch

All these exercises provide ease and comfort to your lower and upper spine that includes the neck, shoulder region, waist and the hip muscles. Regularly, devoting 20 to 30 minutes practicing these exercises will help in reducing your spine aches and all kinds of back pain.

That is not all. If you want to be holistic completely then you can also seek much benefit from Yoga. Matsyasana or the Fish Pose is one of the best back muscle exercises that you can practice regularly. This gives you greater flexibility and corrects early symptoms of rounded shoulders. You can start doing the light exercises and increase the repetitions gradually and this will give the healthy back that you always wanted.


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