Avoid Injuries From Running – 3 Simple Keys For Distance Runners

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In order to improve as a distance runner you must avoid injuries from running. Consistency is the underlying goal of any training program. A distance runner thrives on progressing from week to week and month to month. Whether striving to get faster or go farther, a running injury can put a stop to any progress and begin to lose some of the hard earned endurance and speed. To maintain constant improvement, distance runners can benefit from the following keys to avoid running injuries:

Know your personal limits

Every runner has a different breaking point. The best example of this relates to a runners weekly mileage. Elite runners training volume will often include weeks of 100+ miles. For the everyday distance runner, this volume may be far beyond their limit. Your limit is the point that as you approach your body starts to break down.

For example, each time a particular runner approaches 50 miles in a week, an unannounced injury will pop up setting back their training. With proper training personal limits can be pushed back, but it is best to allow your body time to adjust to levels just below your limits and slowly build up to and then beyond.

Recover Recover Recover

The nature of increasing speed or endurance as a distance runner is based on consistently tearing down your body and slowly improving with each consecutive workout. The only way to steadily get faster and stronger is to allow your body to heal in between runs. This is especially true of speedwork, tempo and long runs. Training creates micro tears in your muscles and recovery allows them to heal themselves and get stronger. Proper recovery helps to repair your muscles.

Without the rest needed to rejuvenate, weakened muscles can swiftly lead to injury.

Identify Your Weak Areas

The body is only as strong as your weakest area. Experienced runners will listen to their bodies to see what areas are “talking” to them before, during and after a run. These talkative areas are generally the weak areas of the body. Once identified, these weaknesses can be targeted through specific exercises to strengthen potential problem areas.

The most effective way to prevent injuries from running is to strengthen those areas that are most prone to injury. Following a core and leg strengthening program designed specifically for endurance athletes will help you to avoid common injuries and to perform at your best. Click Here to see how you can live up to your potential as an endurance athlete.

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