Abdominals Exercises ? Series 1

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There are right ways and wrong ways to do Abdominals Exercises as with anything in life. The right way gets results the latter will give you one of two things or both – no result and or an injury.

Make sure with any exercise activity, no matter what it may be, consult your doctor initially and do not forget your warm up routine ensuring that you protect yourself from injury. Here a few pointers outlined below to take into consideration when working on your Abs.

You need to keep your knees up when you are doing crunches, knees bent, feet flat, knees centred pointing upward, keep them in the centre and up, not to one side.

Did you know that traditional sit-ups literally do a small amount for your abdominals? It is amazing that even when you do them correctly, they are not even as effective as crunches.

Some students, the best ones of doing proper Abdominal Exercises, realize that it is not quantity but quality.

Is there a need to do a great amount of exercise to work the Abs muscles? The answer is NO. If you need a tougher workout, try a different abdominal exercise with a higher degree on intensity.

As a point of interest, for your abdominal exercise to work well, there must be an element of resistance. It does not matter the type of abdominal workout, it must incorporate a level of resistance – this is the variable that needs to be increased initially versus the quantity.

As long as I can recall, I’ve been involved with Abdominals Exercises as a “lose that belly” program, doing workouts myself and by helping others for the past 24 years. It does take a little time and effort and your desired result cannot be achieved in a week. So, If you want to lose that belly fat, then you need to do Abdominals Exercises specifically targetting Abs to get the result you desire.

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