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Article by Jeremy S. Abrahamson

If an individual has decided to become more physically fit, there are certain steps that should be followed before embarking on this physical fitness journey. Those steps include consulting with a physician and then deciding what physical fitness regimen to undertake.

Consulting with a Physician

First of all the individual should consult with their doctor to make sure that the physical fitness exercise plan that they are considering matches their current physical fitness. This is especially true for older adults. The physician can make needed recommendations based on a physical fitness test.

There are many ways that doctors can perform physical fitness tests on their patients. Some of these methods include tests such as standing on one leg, bending the body forward and back, bending the legs, etc. In addition, to enhance the physical fitness test, doctors may order the individual to utilize equipment to determine their level of physical fitness.

Such equipment could include walking on a treadmill and utilizing a stair climb. Generally, when these tests are conducted the individual is wired to a monitoring system which returns their heart rate, provides respiratory data and indicators to determine the strength of the individual.

When the physical fitness test has been completed, then the physician can make recommendations regarding what exercise program to undertake. This recommendation will not only be based on the scoring achieved through the physical fitness test, but a clear idea of the level of the individual’s physical fitness.

Deciding on a Physical Fitness Plan

When an individual is ready and has made the commitment to start a physical fitness program they need to determine which activities they would like to engage in. For example if an individual wants to increase their stamina they may choose an activity such as swimming, power walking, etc. Or if an individual wants to build their body strength they may wish to engage in lifting weights.

Additionally, if the goal of the physical fitness exercise program that the individual is considering includes the loss of weight they may wish to choose a physical fitness plan that burns substantial amounts of calories. One such exercise is swimming.

Another important component in considering what physical fitness plan to embark on is an individual’s financial situation. For example, if choosing walking as the fitness plan to be committed to the only investment may be a good pair of walking shoes. However, if choosing weight lifting the individual may purchase free standing weights or invest in a weight lifting unit that has various stations incorporated in the unit.

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