10 Fitness Training Tips-Be Healthy-Be Safe

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Article by Norman Stanley

10 Fitness Training Tips-Be Healthy-Be Safe

Prior to any sort of exercise or activity it is vital that the body is warmed up, the muscles relaxed and loose. Jumping into a strenuous fitness training session will almost guarantee injury or soreness. Make your training regime work better by following these tips.

1) You can help prevent injuries and strains by following a regimen of stretching before your fitness training. Whilst it is common knowledge that stretching your muscles will warm them up before training stretching them again in your warm down will greatly enhance your flexibility.

2) Make the most of your stretches by maintaining the stretch for sixty seconds or so to lengthen the fibres and allow a greater range of movement.

3) When stretching do not ‘bounce’ the movement as this can improve the probability of tearing a muscle. Move smoothly to the maximum range and then hold it for a minute and return to the relaxed position slowly and smoothly.

4) Build on your stretches gradually, it is not a race. It is better to take your time and do it well than to rush at it and develop a strain or injury.

5) When stretching for fitness training make sure to use all the muscle groups. This make sure your body is warmed through. For actual training it is better to work through the muscle groups alternately this allows the body time to rest and grow.

6) Drink water. Maintaining hydration throughout your fitness training is vital, your body will gradually shut down as it loses water so keep sipping whilst you train.

7) Do not compare yourself to others, work out only at your own pace,trying to outdo someone else could cause you to strain yourself or cause injury.

8) Be regular in your fitness training to ensure that you maintain a healthy level of activity. You should try to train at least three or four times a week preferably every day.

9) Make your fitness training fun, use an MP3player or radio to keep boredom at bay. I use treadmills and these come with a variety of programmes to keep your interest and give you a target to achieve.

10) Eat well. The body needs nutrients to grow and be healthy. If you are using fitness training to lose weight don’t be tempted to skip meals it will do you no good and you will end up snacking on junk food. Be aware of what you put into your body and eat sensibly.

I hope these tips will help you in your fitness training and help you to exercise well, safely and effectively.

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