Why Overdo Muscle Training?

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Most people are unaware that if you apply excess physical stress on the body the central nervous system will be affected negatively. This is quite harmful if the stress is extended for a long period of time. Picture a computer with so many programs running at the same time, the processor will be overloaded and begin to perform the tasks slowly. Such is the case for the body and the effectiveness of the central nervous system.

Overtraining in weightlifting uses up the nervous energy contained in the nervous system. Simply put the nervous energy is the battery which runs our entire body functions and thus most successful bodybuilders usually have stronger batteries in them. Another reason you should watch out and avoid overtraining in weight lifting is that it could actually make you lose your already acquired muscles. For the muscles to grow bigger and faster it is important you provide them with proper recovery time and this can not be achieved if you over stress your muscles period.

If you want to avoid such common mistakes the first step is to understand how the process of building muscles occurs in the body.

The aim of weight training is to achieve microtrauma, whereby you create micro tears to the muscles you are working out. When micro-tears occur in the muscles a bodybuilder then experiences soreness after training which is referred to as delayed onset muscle soreness. Muscle growth is caused when the body adaptive response system is trying to repair this micro-trauma. This is felt more a few days after a training or workout session. After some time the soreness reduces when the muscles get used to the exercises.

Thus your aim in the gym should be to lift weights with minimum intensity needed only to produce the natural adaptive response. When you have managed to stress your muscles along the limits where they cause micro-trauma your job is done. This is because when you create further stress to the muscles, they will respond adversely and begin to reduce.

With the muscle building process in mind there are several things you need to do and others to ignore if you want to have a proper and effective body building workout. This is because if you want to add more mass you need to be very dedicated and at the same time careful when you are training.

Here are several things to consider if you want to increase those muscles:

1. Popping steroids as a shortcut to gaining muscles is the wrong way to go about it. This is because the side effects associated with this method are not worth taking the chance. I mean is there a reason to have a perfect body as a man and suck in bed. Use natural proteins instead.

2. Combine aerobics and weight lifting together.

To achieve lean body mass you need to properly balance these two factors .This is especially important in attaining good body composition.

3. Attain enough rest. This is extremely vital for proper muscle building.

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