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Article by Phil Corey

Golds Gym equipment is available for purchase so if you really like the equipment in the gym that you use you can now have the same thing at home. With so many options, you may have a hard time deciding just what piece or pieces to buy. No doubt you are limited by space and budget, so you have to decide what your goal is in using the fitness equipment.

The fact that you can buy equipment from Golds Gym means you can bring the beauty of the workout machines home with you. Experts do recommend that if you are older or not used to working out on a regular basis that you buy the basic equipment to get you started. Then when you start a regular routine and know that this is what you want you can upgrade to more modern and varied fitness machines.

The ideal home gym for beginners is definitely the Power Series G S 2500. This is because it is compact and features several different fitness machines on one station. There are cables that allow you to work both your upper and lower body so that you target all your muscle groups. If you want to engage in weightlifting, this machine is the perfect one to start with. You can buy one of these for about $ 350, but with long usage you will definitely have to invest in a more expensive version.

The Cardio Dual Trainer is one of the models of elliptical machines that are sold by Golds Gym. It doubles as an exercise bike so you have two pieces of fitness equipment in one. You won’t have to worry about doing any damage to your knees because of the low impact that it offers to your joints and bones. The LCD console has programmable workout routines for you to choose and the seat can adjust vertically and horizontally ensuring that you are comfortable while you work out.

If a treadmill is your favorite fitness machine, Golds Gym has a number of these to choose from too. The Sole F80 has the reputation of being the best treadmill on the market. There are marked improvements in the 2011 model with a longer deck and durable frame coated with powdered steel. The large LCD display screen makes it easy for you to track your progress and there are heart rate controlled workout options programmed into the machine.

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