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Article by Praveen

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In a nutshell, powerlifting is a sport that involves strength training of the body with the goal of lifting as much weight as possible in the following three disciplines: the squat, the bench press, and the deadlift. Before this sport was officially formed there were events called the odd lifts, mainly concentrated in the USA. Odd lift meets usually included some of the three main powerlifting events with the combination of some other lifts, like continental clean & jerk, curl and other non standard lifts. Once established, powerlifting spread around many countries, especially becoming popular in UK and Russia.

This sport involves training of strength and explosive speed abilities. In oppose to popular belief that having big muscles means being strong, in powerlifting quite the opposite stands true. Since men and women are divided into weight and age categories, each athlete is trying to develop maximal strength without changing his bodyweight which usually leads to creating a physique abnormally strong for its size and appearance. If you look at some of the World class powerlifters, like Jaroslaw Olech, who has only 75kg but can squat with five times his weight or bench with three times his weight, you’ll realize what I am talking about.

Nutrition that follows powerlifting training is very specific and it can be considered similar to classic eating style of bodybuilders when dieting for a competition. It revolves around huge intake of protein to accommodate the recuperation and growth of the muscle tissue broken down by strenuous training. Amount of carbohydrates should be enough to keep body storage level of energy high for working out but still low enough so that the athlete does not add weight. Fat sources are kept to a minimum and usually only healthy fats are consumed.

Powerlifting was divided to many federations, where each of them has its own rules of competition. For example, RAW federation forbids the use of appropriate apparel that is on the other hand allowed in IPF federation. IPF for example carries out anti-doping tests while WPO and WPC don’t. Also the difference can be between the lifts as well, like the depth of the squat or the style of the deadlift. Powerlifting is not yet a part of the Olympic community but it is on the way to become, although it is a part of Paralympics Games since 1984.

Special apparel is used for training and competition to help the athletes lift more weight and prevent any possible injuries. This equipment includes weight belt, knee and wrist wraps, bench shirt, squat suit, deadlift suit, magnesium chalk, socks, singlet, special shoes and boots and deadlift slippers.

Powerlifting is a sport not just for the biggest and strongest, but can be practiced by anyone regardless of age, gender or disability. Men and women can even pick it up when they are fifty and do it until their late seventies. If you have the opportunity, include it in your daily routine and after some time you will start to understand why people become hung up on it for life.

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Related links : What Is Power Lifting

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