Vertical Knee Raise Station For Safe Ab Exercise At Home

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Article by Wilma Lojewski

A power tower, better known as vertical knee raise station, is the best tool for ab workout. It is a metal rack with a padded back rest and arm rests. Many towers have an additional chin and dip station. This combination extends the variety of exercises to a full upper body workout. Power towers traditionally are among the abdominal exercise equipment of fitness centers, but they become increasingly popular for home gyms.

Safely supported workout against gravity and body weight is the reason to call the vertical knee raise station the best piece of abdominal exercise equipment. The prices are affordable. There are brand products available between 100 and 300 Dollars. Most of them are excellent quality for the price. Thanks to the Internet, everybody can find solid products for the personal budget and do safe abdominal exercises at home whenever he has a little spare time.

Advanced athletes love power tower exercises. They maintain and tone their abs and obliques with the vertical knee raise station. It is the best for the hard to train lower abs. Dip bars work the triceps. The chin-up bar works biceps and shoulders. Such workout against gravity and body weight is extraordinary effective for the entire core muscle group.

A vertical knee raise station is also the best piece of abdominal exercise equipment for beginners, because it is safer than others. Users put the arms on the arm rests, the back against the back rest, and lift the legs. The back rest protects the spine. There is no pressure on the back and neck. For example, 3 sets of 8 reps of crunches or leg lifts every second day would be a decent start to get stronger.

It will require serious workout to develop a six pack, but, for example, 10 minutes of regular training every second day, has a positive impact on health and fitness. Untrained persons will notice a change in the midsection soon and build up muscle mass step by step. More muscle mass increases the basal metabolic rate and causes long-term benefits like better posture, better digestion, less body fat and stronger bones.

It is a big one, such a vertical knee raise station. A tower with chin-up station is between 80 to 86 inches high. The footprints are around 40 by 57 inches. A potential buyer might question: Am I able to assemble such a large piece of equipment? Surprisingly many power tower reviews in the Internet report that the tower was easy to assemble. Some buyers did it alone, but most of them asked the spouse or a friend for help. Tools normally get delivered, but using a socket wrench or ratchet set is often recommended.

Learning from other peoples experiences, there are two tips worth to mention. First: do not forget to check the ceiling height of the room where you want to use the tower. Just a vertical knee raise station is not a problem, but with a chin-up bar, the towers need at least a standard ceiling of 8 feet. They may not fit in every basement. Second Tip: Most towers can be moved pretty well, but it is easier to assemble the station in the room where it shall remain.

Such a power tower is easy to buy on the Internet and a considerable investment in health and fitness. Everybody can check power tower reviews and easily find the best product for the own purposes. A power tower at home gives all family members the chance for regular training of the own choice. A vertical knee raise station allows the best ab workout. Even short abdominal exercise at home every second day pay off in the long view.

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