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While you’re just getting started, a full body workout is highly recommended rather than jumping right into, and targeting more, specific muscle groups. You can do that later, once your full body workout has helped in pinpointing your weaknesses. And if, in this case, your chest is the part that needs the most improvement, here’s an upper chest workout that’ll do the trick for you.

Remember that when doing a full body workout, be sure to do chest exercises first before building up your triceps and shoulders. Saving the chest for last is not advisable as your triceps and shoulders will be tired by then and the chest’s workout will be compromised. Once you’re more advanced, you may set aside one day a week specially for your chest routine alone. Monday is preferable as you’re just coming out of a weekend-long break. Or any day will do, as long as you’ve had two days of rest beforehand.

The ubiquitous bench press is still the best exercise there is for working the chest muscles.

Whether done on a flat bench or an incline, or using a bar or a pair of dumbbells, a good and correctly done bench press works the chest, as well as the shoulders.

Try doing an incline (45 degrees) bench or dumbbell press. Do 12 reps. That’s one set. Do four sets, decreasing the number of reps by two each time. So for the second set, do 10 reps. For the third set, do 8, and so on.

Next, do incline dumbbell flyes at 10 reps for the first set and 8 reps for the second.

And there you have it-your upper chest workout.

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