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To train your triceps as well as other muscles and get a full body workout, resistance bands are really just what you need. You don’t even need much room, you can train anywhere without spending too much money. Triceps extension is one arm exercise you can perform the same way you would with dumbbells.

Grab the exercise band by the handles, each in one hand. This may be better for you to try fist with the Light resistance band. Step with one foot on the band, in the middle of the lenght.

You’re going to train one arm at a time. Lift the handle up behind your neck. Your elbow should be bent, just next to your head and stay there, keep it in. This is the starting position.

Now extend your arm all the way up over your head. That’s a triceps extension, you need to keep proper form, control the movement.

Go back to the starting position by bending your arm, not too fast, still keeping the elbow in and up, your hand is now back behind your neck.

You can perform these triceps extensions using your two arms. Just grab each handle and move them up over your head in the starting position explained earlier, and extend the same way.

Your can also increase the tension by stepping on the band with yur two feet. This will provide you more resistance and make the exercise more challenging. You can also then use a heavier resistance band when it becomes too easy.

Depending on the resistance you use, you will still want to be able to perform 12 reps per set. When you can then again, increase resistance with a heavier tension exercise band.

Triceps extensions is just one exercise you can perform with exercise bands. There are many others you can do and still with the same comfort, versatility and portability.

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