Treatment For Herniated Disc In Lower Back- 5 Natural Home Remedies To Stop Pain and Swelling

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Article by Trish Cannone

Some of the most poignant voices are heard from people who suffer a herniated disc and treatment for herniated disc in lower back is very convoluted.

What Is A Herniated Disc?

Our spine is cushioned by tiny, mushy discs. The main job of these spongy discs is to absorb the shocks endured by our body. Herniated disc is a condition when our discs get damaged or ruptured. It mostly affects our lower back and sometimes the pain can be felt near the neck (cervical spine).

People who are entangled in jobs and sports which require heavy lifting, pushing, twisting are very likely to suffer from this disorder. And with surgeries offering very poor curative results, people are bound to embrace natural remedies.

The Best Natural Treatments:

1) Rest is regarded to be the most effective treatment for herniated disc in lower back. But sometimes, over resting may backfire as it can weaken the surrounding muscles. Therefore, light activities with some rest can bring great relief.

2) Ice or heat treatment can bring great comfort to the patient. Depending on what you are more comfortable with, either of them can be applied to the affected area. They help to numb the nerves, reduces swelling and soothes out the pain. Always remember not to keep both of the either packs on for too long. Apply it for ten minutes followed by a five minutes rest.

3) Back posture is known to be a very important factor for herniated disc since improper posture may exaggerate our condition. Find a relaxing position for rest and sleeping with small pillows can do wonders. Try to use a medium-firm bed with small pillow under your head and knees. Alternatively, sleeping flat on the floor can also bring relief but try not to sleep in one spot for too long.

4) Regular massaging with safflower seed oil, Ignatia and Naja oil with some menthol can bring relief to those who are suffering from herniated disc, as they have their own medicinal values.

– Menthol: Helps in increasing the blood flow and circulation at the affected area which speeds healing.

– Ignatia: Helps to calm the affected nerves which increases the blood flow and gives more mobility to our muscles.

– Naja: Works within the nerves to heal and mitigate pain.

5) Apart from all these home remedies in treatment for herniated disc in lower back ,we must note down a few important tips like:

– Staying at a healthy weight reduces a lot of load on our lower back.

– Always protect your back when you lift any item.

– Try to get mild but regular exercise.

– Avoid smoking.

Is There A Quick Yet Affordable Home Remedy?

The bottom line on herniated disc comes down to getting an appropriate treatment which grinds well without heavy expense and without any side effects. The natural remedies mentioned are very effective but they act slowly. But to our relief, studies conducted by a Health Institute has proven that a cream made from a combined mix of natural herbs like Belladonna, Naja, Lachesis Mutus, Ignatia, etc. has the ability to stop pain and swelling in a short period of time. Even better, it does not come with any side effects. It is a breakthrough which is by far one of the best treatment for herniated disc in lower back.

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