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Article by Don Johnson

From the first time he stepped into the wrestling ring, until he made the much publicized crossover to the world of Mixed Martial Arts; Brock Lesnar has been larger than life.  He shocked the MMA world by beating some of the best heavyweight fighters they had to offer. A huge part of Brock’s success has been his unique combination of strength and explosiveness. How often have you watched Brock fight and thought to yourself; how does a guy that big move like that? Few MMA fighters are as massive and muscular, while still remaining flexible and agile, as Brock. Watching such a large guy move so quickly always intrested me.  So I started looking into what the Brock Lesnar workout consisted of.  How exactly does he train to build and maintain his massive amount of muscle mass?  How does he use his MMA training to condition his body, and win in the octagon?

Unfortunately, Brock won’t be stepping back in the octagon until sometime next year because of surgery.  I am sure that once he is cleared by doctors he will be back at DeathCluth killing it.

Obviously Brock’s training addresses all area of conditioning.  And despite the fact that Lesnar is a heavyweight, that doesn’t mean that cardio is neglected.  In fact, he probably has to focus on it more than smaller fighters do to keep himself in shape.  Carrying that much muscle mass at such a low bodyfat percentage is no easy task.  Cardio is of course a big part of his conditioning.  Here is an example of some of Brock’s conditioning work.

Cardio and Muscular Endurance Workout This workout was shown on the UFC All Access program where Rachelle Leah gives viewers an insight how UFC fighters live and train. It consists of 5 x 5 minute rounds. Each round focuses on a different aspect of his fitness.

Round 1 – Pushing Muscular Endurance

Spiderman Push Ups

Plyo Push Ups

Mounted Punching

Tire Push

Hand Switch

Round 2 – Pulling Muscular Endurance

Recline Pull Ups

Bodyweight Pull Ups

Pulling/Pushing Tire

Jumping Pull Ups

Heavy Bag Twirl

Round 3 – Cardio

Airdyne Bike (70 rpm)

UBE Machine

Incline Treadmill (as steep as possible)

Windsprint Bike (standing the whole time)

Airdyne Bike

Round 4 – Hybrid Strength

Jammer Machine

One Arm Sledge Hammer

Medicine Ball Sprawls

Bear Crawls

Transition Station

Round 5 – Finishing Round

Airdyne Bike (70 rpm)

UBE Machine

Incline Treadmill (as steep as possible)

Windsprint Bike (standing the whole time)

Airdyne Bike (70 rpm)

As you can see, the Brock Lesnar Workout is no joke.  Keep in mind this is only one small part of the training he uses.  Think you could handle it?  Whether you are interested in MMA training for you own conditioning purposes, or actually hope to step in the octagon; this is a great workout.  Give it a try, and see if you can go the distance.

Don Johnson is the founder and head strength coach at Mammoth Strength, and athletic training facility in Jacksonville Fla. Visit his sites at Mammoth Strength and Bench Press Technique

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