The Best Fat Burning Abdominal Exercises

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Article by Mark Dale

Searching for the perfect exercises to make the stomach as flat as possible may seem impossible, there seems to be an infinite number of routines claiming to be the best fat burning exercises to get flat abs.

Some of these abdomen routines require nothing more than a place to lie down and the determination to succeed while others are based on high tech equipment designed just for the abs.

Here are some of the best fat burning abdominal exercises:

Pilates and other abdominal exercise routines work not only the stomach but other muscle groups as well while others are designed to work only the abdomen muscles. There are even exercises meant to work other body parts that have a positive effect on the stomach muscles.

As with any exercise, some of the simplest abdominal exercise routines are the most beneficial and are the basis for other stomach exercises. For example, the crunch is the most well known, basic exercise for the stomach. It is advised over the sit up due to exertion on the back being much less than with a typical sit up.

Doing crunches is easy. Place an exercise mat on the floor for comfort, if desired, and lie down flat. Using only the stomach muscles, lift the upper part of the torso off the floor a few inches. It is important that the stomach muscles do the work, not the neck, arms or head.

When doing crunches it is very important to keep in mind that the body needs to stay aligned. Do not lift the head above the shoulders or the back. If necessary, there are videos and websites that can be consulted to watch a proper crunch technique.

Variations of the crunch are useful for working the obliques or side muscles of the stomach, also known as the ‘love handles’. The same basic crunch technique is used with the added movement of twisting the body on the upward move. There are videos and websites where you can learn how to get a 6 pack and do the exercises correctly.

Crunches are great for the stomach, both the sides and the middle, however, they should not be solely relied on for toning the abdominal area.

Other exercises should be incorporated that include all of the stomach muscles, both the upper and the lower in addition to the middle and the sides. Focusing only on the middle and sides will not produce desired results.

Fitness routines can be found in many different places. The Internet, local library, gyms, fitness centers and movie stores all are great resources for finding abdominal exercise routines.

The variety of stomach exercises being touted as ideal can be overwhelming, but the best fat burning exercises differ from person to person.

Beginners should try several and keep notes on the ones that are yielding results. These should be added to an overall fitness plan. Not all exercises work for all people, some work better than others for certain people.

Any time an exercise causes pain or is very hard to do, it is best to find another one. Not only will it keep injury from occurring, it will increase the possibility of continuing the routine. Everyone is different in terms of what they can and can’t do physically.

In order for an exercise to be beneficial, it must be done properly and as part of a routine on a consistent basis, just doing abdominal exercises alone will not burn away body fat.

Exercise programs should be done on a consistent basis if a flat stomach is to be achieved.

If the routine or movement is difficult, chances are it won’t be worthwhile. If they require expensive equipment or special tools, they probably won’t be followed and are essentially useless.

The Internet has many programs available that work to reduce stomach fat and help you understand the best fat burning exercises, sculpt flat abdomens, boost metabolic rates and provide overall fitness improvement.

To find out more, you should check out my list of the best abs exercises and workout programs, as well as some of the top fat burning programs available on-line.

I run a number of websites dedicated to health, fitness, and fat burning. I enjoy writing articles and reports on these subjects as I am passionate about keeping fit and healthy.

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