The Best Dumbbell Exercises for the Chest

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If you have access to some dumbbells, you can easily do many of the exercises for your chest. Discussed below are three of the most efficient exercises for developing chest muscles and are proven to work.

Inclined Bench Press

The exercise that you want to perform in order to develop the ideal chest is the inclined bench press. You’ll not only be getting a thick upper chest by doing the inclined bench press, but also widen your frame from the front which will make your torso become narrower. Before starting this exercise, you’ll need the bench to be set at about 45 degrees. This exercise will also tighten up any of that loose, hanging skin that is left on your chest.

Inclined Chest Flys

This exercise is also a good choice to develop your chest muscles that are stabilizing. When you’re just beginning, do not use a lot of weight.

Start increasing when you’ve realized the difficulty in maintaining the range of motion. Lift the weights up, at a right angle, to the back of your bench inclined at 45 degrees. The weights shouldn’t be brought too much in back as it can cause your shoulders to get hurt. Doing inclined chest flys will help you eliminate the fat on your pectoral muscles while sculpting your shoulders by developing both your interior and exterior chest muscles. Start with light weights before getting to the heavier ones.

Declined Chest Flys

This dumbbell chest exercise is amazing for sculpting your chest, but you’ll need lots of strength to do it. Its recommended, for this reason, that you do the preceding exercises until your chest is strong enough to handle this vigorous exercise. If you develop the lower chest muscles first, you’ll get a bottom-heavy appearance which isn’t aesthetically pleasing, so by doing these exercises, you build your upper chest muscles first.

This exercise is really helpful to get rid of those man boobs as well, which are known more formally as gynecomastia. Inclined chest flys are perfect to get your chest started but to fully get your chest developed, you’ll need to do declined chest flys.

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The TRUTH about building muscle: Hey man…what’s going on? In this episode I want to show you a KILLER home chest workout you can do at home in just a few minutes. It’s a great way to build a muscular chest — and all you’ll need is a couple of dumbbells to do it. The way it works is by using different chest exercises to hit your chest in different ways, one right after another. I designed this workout to really burn your chest out fast, and you’re really going to be feeling it in your pecs after this workout. Here’s how it’s done. CLOSE GRIP DUMBBELL PRESS PULLOVER – 10 REPS. Hold the dumbbells close together (touching each other) and bring them down to your chest. Press them upwards, and then bring them behind your head for the pullover. Bring the dumbbells down as far as you can, and then pull them back up focusing on contracting your chest muscles during this movement. DUMBBELL CHEST PRESS – 10 REPS. Just like bench press, except with dumbbells. Use a heavier weight than the first exercise. Since this is a drop-set, be especially careful not to bring the weights down too far — you shouldn’t feel a “stretch” in your chest muscles. Most people should go down to about 90 degrees, but advanced guys who are more flexible PUSHUPS – 10 REPS. By this time your chest will be BURNT, but stay strong! Do your pushups are normal. Because this is your SECOND drop-set, again make sure your form is on point even when you’re really tired. For a full chest
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