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Chest exercises help to develop an area on your body that some might say is the most attractive body part. It signals vitality and health, and it just makes the owner of a well-developed chest feel better.

Although typically associated as a male exercise, exercises for your chest are equally important and beneficial for women. Although the exercises will not transform cup sizes, they will help you by lifting sagging chest and breast and enhancing your cleavage.

So to enjoy these benefits, you of course have to exercise that area. Although there are a countless number of exercises that you could perform, the following are some of the best chest exercises.

However, before going over these exercises, here are some tips on technique and form that will help you to get the most out of your workout.

Tips for Technique and Form

For each exercise, don’t arch your back, as this can lead to injury.

Always keep your back flat against the bench. Equally important, keep your feet planted firmly on the floor.

In addition to working your chest muscles, these exercises will also strengthen your wrist, which will grow stronger as you continue to lift. Just make sure when your are gripping the bar to keep your wrist straight.

For more strength and to avoid unnecessary strain, the bar should also rest on your palms.

As you perform each rep, make sure that the motions are smooth and even. With barbell exercises, there is a tendency to let the bar bounce off your chest. Don’t do it. Let the bar touch your chest and continue upward in a smooth motion.

Best Chest Exercises

Flat Bench Press The flat bench exercise is the standard of chest exercises.

To perform it, lay on the bench with your grip slightly wider than your shoulders. Make sure to keep your elbows in. Repetitions: 8-10

Incline Bench Press The incline bench chest exercise is performed with the bench angled upward and is designed to work your upper chest or pecs. Because of the angle, you can’t lift as much as with the bench press, so don’t try. Also, as a second reminder, since many lifters tend to do this with this exercise, do not arch your back. Repetitions: 8-10

Decline Bench Press For the decline bench exercise, the bench is angled downward and is designed to work the lower chest. You can use either the barbell or dumbbells to perform this exercise. It you are just beginning, start with the dumbbells. This will help you to become accustomed to the position and the motion of the exercise. Repetitions: 8-10

Dumbbell Flyes Designed as a inner chest exercise, dumbbell flyes are performed lying on a flat bench. Holding your arms out and your elbows slightly bent, perform a flying motion. When lowering the dumbbells, do not go pass the level of the bench, as this will help to avoid overextension injury. Repetitions: 10-12

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