Running Faster ? How to Improve Running Time

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After months of training, the next step for runners is to develop more their running speed. Most runners have run only within their comfort zones and little changes with it will cause a little panic (especially for beginners). They are afraid that when they try to get out from their zone they will fail, but they should seek ways of running faster. The following are some methods that will lead to increasing your running speed:

• Turnover
Your turnover (number of times a foot hits the ground per minute) must increase to get you to go faster. The increased number of turnover will mean an increase in the covered distance also. With the use of a stopwatch, count the number of turnovers you make in a single minute. Then, gradually increase your turnover rate by adding 5 steps every minute until you reach your goal rate. A competitive runner can make 90 steps or more in 1 minute, but regular faster runners achieve at least 80 strides per minute.

This way, you won’t be panicking of the idea that your heart will increase because the increase in your running rate will happen in a gradual manner.

• Utilize Toes
Another way of running faster is through pushing with the big toe. This moves your body forward and it take off some of the pounding on your heels.

• Proper Posture
Proper posture should be observed at all times. Your head should be aligned with your back and chin must be kept tucked. Look straight ahead of you (about five feet). The arms must be at the sides and swung forward, never swing across your body.

• Speed Workouts
Speed workouts are very for running faster. Including some of them in your training program will boost your speed in a slow and steady manner. A very good example of speed workout is hill training. Start by doing this workout once a week and then as you get use to the pace increase it to twice a week.

On race day, just remember that all techniques and trainings of running faster have one key: that is to start with a slow pace and gradually work yourself up until you reach the finish line. Be calm and cool. Warm up and let your body loose before the race starts because tight muscles do not help much and easily get tired. Don’t forget to do cool down exercises right after finishing.

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