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Article by Ilana Diallo

Is simply eating all natural food enough? Can you simply just change your eating habits and still be healthy? These are among the numerous questions seem to be buzzing around on health in America.

Americans that have realized that becoming healthy is what is key to avoiding disease. There has been so many diets that propose that ultimate health and fitness will be achieved. Americans are definitely known for burst of change. Because there has been so much attention to the topic of health, many health experts have cast their diet ideas to the public and the general public bit the line.

What Diets are Out There?

There has been the Atkins Diet which is based on the notion that overweight people burn carbohydrates first and so by reducing carbohydrates and increasing the protein and fat that the body will burn more stored body fat. This diet worked for many Americans that tried it but not everybody type took well to the diet.Eat Right For Your Type is based on eating foods or avoiding them according to the individuals blood type. This method has been said by many individuals to be hard to follow because there isn’t any calorie tracking. This diet just requires you to follow the beneficial and avoid food lists and exercise according to the blood type chart.

NutriSystem is pre-packaged, readymade portion sized, low fat, and high fiber meals that are ordered and delivered. This diet has been around since 1972 and has been popular for weight loss. However, there are some individuals that want more than the predictable meal and become concerned when out on the town and have no meal already prepared in correct proportions.

The Best of Life Diet is a lifestyle change in healthy eating and exercise. This diet suggest that individuals don’t diet in the regular term. The change is encouraged to be done slow and gradual for long term results.

What is Best For You?

Finding out what foods are beneficial for overall health and finding an exercise routine that isn’t too strenuous is what seems to be the best. Many Americans will continue to impulsively participate in hype diets and insane temporary exercise routines that they won’t commit to long term.

Each individual must look deeper at the different options and find a routine and a lifestyle change that is manageable. Many of the manageable changes will include a healthier way to lose weight. Weight loss can be achieved if gone about the appropriate way.

Helpful Tips

Eliminate junk food- food that isn’t readily available is hard to consume

Eat healthy snacks – stock up on fruits and vegetables and have light meals in between main meals

Let go of caffeine- eliminate or lighten up on the consumption of caffeine

Drink lots of water- the body is made up of 70% water, so drink lots of water

Pack a lunch- take food that follows the new healthy eating habits

Insert exercise- allow room for exercise in daily routines

Get rest- get a good night’s sleep every evening in a quiet environment

Make changes gradual- in changing lifestyle, make the changes gradually

These tips are just a few tips that can assist in lifestyle change towards healthy eating and living. As the many Americans go on binge diets and impulsive eating changes, the proven change that occurs is one that is gradual and pulls in a consistent commitment.

Ilana began her career as a public speaker and motivational speaker in communities and schools. She has continued to educate and inspire those around her and in her community. Ilana is a professional freelance writer whom has been writing for 15 years.
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