Quick Tips To Help You Start with Strength Training Workouts

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These tips can be used for home strength training or training in the gym. If you wish to start strength training workouts then these tips will help you get started. The most important thing when starting your strength training workouts is warming up. When you warm up it gives the body a chance to deliver plenty of nutrient rich blood to areas about to be exercised, to actually warm the muscles and lubricate the joints. Along the the warm up process you should stretch. Stretching increases and or maintains muscle flexibility. When you warm up and stretch this is a preventive aide from injuring your muscles and frame.

Strating the first week strength training workouts keep it light.

Work on proper technique and proper body mechanics.You should slowly work up to heavier weights and more intense workouts. Quick tips to maintain good body mechanics you should go through the complete range of motion, move slowly and with control. Always remember to breathe, and maintain a neutral spine. Never sacrifice form to add heavier weight or more repetitions.

The intensity of your strength training workout depends on a few factors, including the number of sets and repetitions, the overall weight lifted, and the rest between sets. You can vary the intensity of your workout to fit your activity level and goals.

Always be aware of your body, and listen to your body. Your heart rate is not a good way to determine intensity when doing strength training workouts, it is important to listen to your body based on an overall sense of feeling of exertion. The least amount of strength training recommended by the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) is eight to twelve repetitions of eight to ten exercises, and at a moderate intensity. When you just start out it is recommended two to three days a week. As you get use to the strength training workouts you can workout more days per week, add more sets, and add more resistance.

Strength training workout sessions are recommended to last 1 hour or less. As a rule of thumb, every muscle that you train during your strength training workouts should be rested one to two days before being exercised further in order for the fatigued muscles to rebuild. “No pain, no gain” right? This statement is not only false, but can be dangerous. Your body will adapt to strength training workouts, and will reduce in body soreness each time you workout. If your muscle or joint aches or is very painful be very cautious. The first week or two of strength training workout you will be sore. This is normal, but if the pain is beyond sore and you think you hurt something, take a break, see a doctor, and let the muscle rest.


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