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Article by Praveen

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Powerlifting is a strength sport, consisting of three events:

The squat,

The bench press,

and The deadlift.

Powerlifting is a sort of cult sport in that it does not receive much attention in your local media or the world wide stage. This is most likely due to the fact that there isnt really a unified, sanctioned body that oversees all events, records results, promotes the sport, or generally handles media representation.

As previously stated the best attempts from all three lifts are totaled to determine your perforomance in a meet. Powerlifting meets have different age and weight classes to keep the field of competition pretty level and fair. Meets generally take place on the weekends, saturdays usually, unless it is a world championship of course, then it may be spread out over a weekend.

On meet day, there is a weigh in to determine what class you will compete in. Very soon after that the lifting starts. Generally, the group of lifters are broken up into what is known as “flights”. These flights are usually comprised of 6-10 lifters and go in the order of lightest to heaviest attempts. The first lift performed is the Squat. At weigh in time, you will notify the meet directors of your opening attempt. Your opening attempt is your first attempt you plan to try, generally speaking this is a weight you should be able to lift easily for 2-3 reps in the gym. If you miss your first attempt you have a couple of choices. Either keep the same weight and try it again, or go up to a higher weight. After your attempt you will notify the judges table of your decision.

You have 3 attempts to complete a lift, if you are unable to complete a lift in 3 attempts you are disqualified from the competition. This is referred to as “bombing”. You dont want to be in this boat as you are unable to compete in the remaining lifts, and thus become nothing more than a spectator. After the squat, the bench press is next. This done in the same fashion as the squat. The lightest attempt in the flight of lifters goes first, and the rest follow suit with their chosen attempts.

Following the bench press is the deadlift, after the last lifter in the deadlift goes, the lifters best lift from the squat, bench press, and deadlift are added up to give a “Total”. The highest total in each weight class is considered the victor. Generally at the local level there are no cash prizes or lavish gifts for performing. The prize for winning is usually a trophy of some sort, but the real prize is inside knowing that you had the will, drive, and courage to put yourself on the line and compete.

Powerlifing may not pay well, but money pales in comparison to the life lessons you can learn getting under a loaded bar and seeing what your mind and body are capable of doing. Many times in my life I have drawn on lessons learned in the gym and applied them to real life issues. When it is you and the bar, there are no excuses, either you are strong enough to lift it, or you just didnt prepare properly. Which one are you?

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Related links : Powerlifting-The Iron Game

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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