Plyometric Circuit Training is Your Best Friend

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Plyometric circuit training is definitely something that the creative fitness fanatic should look into. And creativity is most certainly something that you should seek after if you are trying to get and remain physically fit. The truth about exercising is that unless you add variety to your routine you will run into what are referred to as plateaus. Plateaus are periods of your training in which you stop getting the results you are looking for. This occurs because your body grows accustomed to the strain you place on it and as such your muscles stop working as hard to perform the same movements. When this occurs, you experience stagnation in your fitness program. The problem with this for many people is that when they stop seeing results they lose motivation to continue working out. Plyometric circuit training is one way to help you overcome stagnation or avoid it altogether.

Plyometric training is a very specific type of exercising.

Research has shown that when you stretch your muscles in opposition to the direction you are trying to use them, you can achieve an added boost of muscle contraction. An example will help to illustrate this principle. Imagine trying to jump as high as you can without first bending down to a squatting position – you would be unable to jump very high. Now imagine trying to jump your highest immediately after squatting down to a low point. From this position you would be able to jump much higher. This is based on the principles of plyometrics. Plyometrics are essentially based on your body’s natural explosive powers.

Now let us discuss circuit training. Circuit training is a type of training in which you move from station to station and perform various exercises without taking a rest.

In this fashion, you are able to engage in resistance training while at the same time achieving a cardiovascular workout. You can use circuit training for a variety of purposes, including full body work outs and developing specific muscle groups. Circuit training, like plyometrics training, is a great way for you to overcome plateaus and reach new heights in your fitness training.

Combining plyometrics training with circuit training is one of the best ways of reaching unbelievable heights with your fitness training. A good way of performing a session of this sort is to alternate between upper body and lower body exercises. Jumping is always a great way of getting a plyometric workout for the lower body. Maximize this portion of your session by squatting as low as possible before jumping up. Perform ten of these squat-jumps for the lower body circuit. For your upper-body workout, explosive push-ups work great. These are performed by doing a regular push-up and pushing yourself as high off the ground as possible. Perform ten of these explosive push-ups for your upper body circuit. Alternate between the upper and lower body circuit until you have completed ten sets for lower and upper body.

Plyometric circuit training is just one way of maximizing your exercise program. For more helpful tips on staying fit visit

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