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Now, the daily average temperature change of just line “gradually increasing” characteristics, and therefore the best time to exercise. But in sports, how do we avoid misunderstanding, let sports become more happy? Trista specifically ask three coaches, everyone Check it out. Yoga Guide Coach: Fuzhou Zheng Ying Yogi Yoga Do their yoga, do not compare with others, to do with good movement while breathing! With bare feet as well, wearing loose, comfortable, so the body can freely. Have heart disease, high blood pressure who want to exercise caution, step by step exercises, and to have a teacher guiding the side to help, not to their own practitioners. Errors: Practicing yoga exercise soon after Often eager to see slim ladies had finished yoga, went to attend to do aerobics or exercise equipment. In fact, it received negative effects. Yoga is best to put behind other sports, which can play a very good relaxation effect. If you had finished, and then do some of the more intense yoga exercise, the body tension that can only undermine the energy balance. Trista Reminder: two hours before practice and after practice not to eat within an hour, this is not mandatory, but varies, but it is best not to eat before and after practice. Ball movement Guide the coach: The Bo Dai Liping Fitness Club Will be physically sitting in the micro-sphere is separated from the top of the legs, knee angle of approximately 90 degrees. In any action sitting in the sphere, the body must remain upright trunk, abdominal tightening, pelvic neutral position, center of gravity vertically downward. Also note, to avoid breath holding, maintaining natural breathing. Myth: strength and flexibility training can not coexist Fitness ball The main role is to train the body’s balance, enhance people’s ability to control muscles and improve body flexibility and coordination. Needed to train their fitness ball can actually make their own strength and flexibility training was very good development. Trista Reminder: choose the fitness ball, can go to the club to buy large fitness equipment. As far as possible under the guidance of professional coaching practice. Swim Guide Coach: Bao Li Ho Tung Chee Fitness Club Not fasting Swim This will lead to low blood sugar, dizziness, weakness or fainting occurs. Full belly can not swim just after eating stomach because the blood more concentrated, food digestion problems, stomach discomfort. After vigorous exercise can not swim in. False: do not swim Lose weight Many people think that swimming is not weight, in fact, in the swimming began, in the anaerobic stage. Energy consumption depends mainly on anaerobic glycolysis of sugar, this phase of the campaign is very intense, people short of breath, not getting enough oxygen, they will not use the fat. Continue movement continues, the body began to enter the period of aerobic exercise. In the ensuing hour, sustained moderate intensity exercise will reduce fat state, not down to the water to be 10 minutes or a little one will be able to lose weight travel. Must reach a certain strength and enough time, and to adhere to. And swimming will feel more hungry, so I want people to lose weight should diet. Trista Reminder: swimming for beginners to choose more formal, more secure place.

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