Maritime and Merchant Marine Academy of United States

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The word Maritime is used to tell about anything related to sea. The Maritime Provinces is a region of Eastern Canada consisting of three regions, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. The United States has beliefs on its maritime industry for both armed forces and fiscal protection. The term Merchant Marine is used to refer to the fleet of civilian-owned trade vessels of the U.S. Either the government or the private sector operates them. They keep the business and transportation of commodities in and out of the traversable waters of the United States. For more than 200 years, the Merchant Marine having the flag of the U.S. has contributed considerably to the economic strength and autonomy of the country. Thereby the Merchant Marine help to keep America in no.1 position in power and also the major aid contributor of the world.

Merchant Marine is called the fourth wing of security. It makes sure that the US will get the sealift to transport its military, common people and marketable objectives out of the country in times of need. It also gives assurance of the accessibility of U.S. controlled maritime possessions so that the business can be organized during war and nationwide emergencies. The ships have been responsible for the supply of our troops abroad in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and in other places. They also help to keep the U.S. food aid safe from the pirates attack and carry them to the hungry people in East Africa through the seas. They successfully lend their hands to the relief efforts after the Hurricane Katrina and the massive earthquakes in Haiti and Japan. The USMMA or the United States Merchant Marine Academy is one of the five service academies in the US. It is also popularly known as Kings Point. It provides many training officers for the Merchant Marine, a part of the military and also to the shipping industry. The students of the USMMA are called Midshipmen. They are educated in marine engineering, ship’s management, personnel administration, intercontinental laws and the customs. They are taught how to read a map to find out the right direction. They also learn about the laws of the seas and many additional matters vital for the running of a large vessel. To get admission in the USMMA is one of the greatest achievements of a life span. For half a century young folks have come here to attain the information, knowledge, obedience and skills that are needed for a tough leadership. Graduates of the USMMA serve their country by joining the marine industry and the defense services. A well-built business marine generates lots of American jobs and billions of dollars as the financial output at home. According to USA national interest, the government is still taking action, collecting funds and defends programs that support the sustainability of this essential service. In one word, the U.S. marine industry assists in achieving the safety measures and political objectives of the administration of the United States. Some pass outs of the academy also become great leaders.

Merchant Marine is popularly named as the fourth section of defense. Maritime makes sure that the US will transport its forces and civilians and marketable objectives out of the state during need. Alumnae of the USMMA help their nation by joining the maritime industry and the security forces.

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