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First aid or primary protection is directly related with being protected against social, physical, financial, emotional, occupational, psychological or other consequences that can bring a major physical injury. This is also related to the way of being protected against any grave situation or something that causes an emotional loss. Emergency may arise anywhere or at anytime out of nowhere and when you least expect it. There are different kinds of safety; home safety may be defined by the ability to protect the residents against external harm. Another major form of safety can be defined asy marine safety.

Special preventive measures are required to be followed when you are on a marine trip. Marine safety is related to using or following complete life-saving systems for all levels of marine activity; beginning from offshore platforms and passenger ships to cargo ships, sea expeditions, commercial fishing and boating.

The negligence in such activities may lead to disastrous problems, including a threat to life.

There are different types of marine safety products available some are discussed as below:

Bunker Gear: these are fire protection clothing. Though it is mainly used by the fire fighters when fighting against odds at sea, it can also be used by an individual at sea. The light weight fabric is easy to store and comfortable to wear. The protective sleeves of the bunker gear ensure high flexibility at gravest of situations. Also the pre-bent knees protect the fire fighters from getting scraped or burnt.

Immersion Suit: the immersion suits are the best to be used to prevent getting drowned. It can be worn by both – those working in or near water bodies as well as by those who are on sea trips.

It is best to be used where there is a danger of accidental drowning. The immersion suit removes the risk of ‘cold shock’ or hypothermia.

Inflatable Rescue Boats: the inflatable rescue boats are especially designed to be used in case of an emergency. It can be used for all forms of surfing rescues, retrieval and service. These boats are generally made of rubber with 4 inflatable tubes, 2 side tubes along with a bow tube and keelson tube. The flexibility of the inflatable boats makes it a necessary sea disaster supplies item.

Life Raft: often a life raft acts as hope for last chance of survival. It makes for another important emergency supplies item to included in marine safety kit. At the time of rough seas, the elasticity and the flexibility of the life raft makes it usable against immersion threats while still at sea.

Soft body armor: maritime crime and piracy is rapidly increasing causing threat to even the innocent tourists at sea. In the last decade itself, around 4 million people have been killed by lightweight weapons. As a prevention against such threats, soft body armor makes an important equipment to be kept in the sea disaster kits.

Since marine safety is in your hands, keeping a few marine safety supplies on your boat is important during maritime activities to stay safe and secure.

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