Marathon Running For Beginners

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Article by Muhammad Azeem Ashraf

The marathon is a really challenging event, especially if you have never ran one before, or even if you have completed one or two. Here are some proven tips to follow that will help you finish the distance without too much difficulty.Start SlowlyI advise you not to try and run the race at the same pace all the way through. It’s better to start out somewhat slower and gradually pick up your pace after several miles. Time and time again I see marathon runners who have run out of steam by mile 20 simply because they started too quickly.Have Modest ExpectationsAs a beginner your goal should be to finish the distance as comfortably as possible. It’s not to finish under a certain time. This will come later!Conserve Your EnergyWindy day? Hilly course? When the conditions are against you, you must slow down to save energy. You’ll really notice a difference in the later miles.Expect Some Weak MomentsThe marathon distance takes its toll on your body, so it’s normal to feel really weary at times, and you just want to stop running. At these points, slow down a little but try to keep going, – you will be able to ‘run through’ the tough spot.HydrationDon’t skip the water stops. It’s best to take a little water at each one, just don’t overdo it. If you have used energy drinks like Gatorade during your training take some during the run, otherwise stick to water.Power Bars & Energy SupplementsLike the sports drinks, if you haven’t tried these during your training it’s better to abstain…Split the race into partsAs I go along I like to focus on the next ‘milestone’ instead of the finish line. Here are some typical checkpoints to aim for:- 10K – 10 miles – Half way – 16 miles – 20 milesTalk to your fellow runners!Nothing makes the miles go easier than when you can chat with the runner next to you. Sometimes you’ll run by a mile marker without even noticing…These tips should help you get to the end of the race. Crossing the finish line is a tremendous achievement, and well worth the effort you have spent to get there! To find out more about marathon training schedule for beginners and running just follow the links below. is best for website called Marathon Experts. For more information about training for a marathon and to learn how you can successfully complete your first marathon visit
 – Running for beginners is explained in this video. You’ll discover how to start running and the simple strategy I use with all my beginner running clients. Watch and enjoy.
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