Low Back Pain Exercises Treatments – How To Do It Right

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Having low back pain is a real problem for any person. The feeling of staying at the same place day after day can scare even the bravest man. Research shows that there are more than 70% adult in this world suffer from low back pain at least once in a life time. However, the good news is low back pain is treatable using some simple self-care treatments (exercises) that you can do yourself.

One of the biggest mistakes that people who have back pain do is have rest all day on the bed. Doing so will make the problem worse. Some simple walking around the house or the park will do a great help. It would be nice if you have someone to walk along. It might cause some mild pain and inconvenience at first but soon you will see the benefits.

Low back pain exercises can vary but the most popular and effective are some simple stretching.

The stretching exercises will keep your muscle and other tissues more flexible. This will reduce the pain and the likely to suffer from injuries.  Doctors may also recommend you do some aerobic exercises. These types of exercise can be very helpful as they will help you condition your heart and other muscles as well as boost the recovery.

There are, however, some exercises can do harm to your condition while many people think they help. They are toe touches while standing, straight leg sit-up, lift legs while you are lying on your back. You should completely not do such exercises as they will cause the problem worse.

Low back pain, as I said, can be treated really fast if you do the exercise properly.

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