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So overlooked and under-rated, the simple push up is one of the greatest exercises you can do. It requires no equipment, no membership fees, or personal training sessions. In fact, if you are looking to lose weight fast and you are not cranking out a bunch of push ups on a daily basis, you may want to ask yourself just how serious you are about losing weight. Just adding a few sets of push ups to whatever workout regimen you are currently doing is a great way to ramp up your weight loss agenda in conjunction with a nutritious diet.

Push ups work your chest, shoulders, triceps, and even your lats. What you may have overlooked is that push ups are one of the best core exercises you can do. Many of us know that planks are a great abdominal exercise. Push ups are that much more difficult as you are really just holding a plank while pressing your body from the floor. Typically your pressing muscles get exhausted before your abdominals so you dont even feel the workout the abs get because your chest and triceps are burning so much.

There are so many versions of push ups so it would be next to impossible to get bored of this exercise; close-grip push ups, incline push ups (your feet up on a step), decline push ups (hands up on a step), hindu push ups, handstand push ups, one-arm push ups, clap push ups, side-to-side push ups (moving down towards either hand on each rep), staggered push ups (one hand is elevated, or hands are not parallel)the list goes on. What this means is that as you get better and better at push ups you can continue to challenge yourself. You can also change the focus of the exercise. For example, while regular push ups give your chest much of the workload, hand stand push ups (performed against a wall) focus the workload on your shoulders. In this way you can essentially begin to sculpt your physique.

If you do decide to add in push ups to your routine try to do them at another time than during your planned workout for the day. For example, do a set after you get out of bed, a set at lunch, and a set before bed. That way you will hardly notice any effect in terms of exhaustion as compared to doing three sets all at once or doing the push ups after your regular workout. By adding in push ups this way you will be dramatically increasing your overall amount of work while not over taxing your body. By doing so you can burn excess calories without feeling burnt out or over-trained.

Along with a nutritious diet and a well-rounded workout plan, push ups will accelerate you towards your fitness goals and help you lose weight fast. So whats stopping you, hit the floor and give me 20!

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fitness.mercola.com Natural health physician and Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola and Darin Steen demonstrate the different types of push ups and their unique benefits.
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