Incorporating Advanced Tubing Exercises into Your Exercise Routine

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Article by Mandy Gibbons

Tubing exercises can be worked into your exercise program in a variety of ways. They are gentle enough to be used as recovery workouts between more intense workout days yet they can be used for major strength training and toning as well. They can even be worked into circuit training workouts for a combined cardio and strength training effect. It is a great way to get in effective workouts when you are pressed for time.

Example tubing exercises:

Cable Twist

Attach your tubing or exercise band to a door or wall and stand at the furthest point away from the wall, turned sideways with arms holding the handles in an outstretched position. Pull the handles across the body to the other side. So, if you are standing with your left side facing the wall you will hold your arms outright point toward the wall then pull the tubing handles across the body and out to the right side.

Make sure you are standing sideways so you can easily pull the tubing across the body to the other side. You can make tubing exercises like this more powerful by picking up the speed. Just make sure to keep your legs comfortable and only move the upper body. Your feet should remain stable even when pulling at a faster speed.

You can also make this basic movement a full body workout by stepping out into a side lunge away from the wall as you pull the tubing or bands across your body. This is one of the best tubing exercises for circuit training since it moves your energy from one area of the body to the other within the same movement.

Weightlifting Tubing Exercises

If your goal is to incorporate tubing exercises with your strength training routine, consider adding tubes or cables onto your bench press. The tubes or cables are connected to each ends of the bar and then down at the bottom of the bench frame somewhere. Every time you lift the bar you will notice it is a lot more challenging than just lifting the same weighted bar without the extra resistance. You may want to use a spotter, have someone supporting the bar, for this exercise.

Tubing Exercises for Arms & Back

If you have an exercise ball on hand, lie across it and pull the tubing or bands back alongside the body. You should be positioned with your stomach on the ball and hands out in front of you superman style to grip the handles of your tubing. Your weight is balanced by your feet which are stretched out behind you with toes down to the ground.

Not only will you work your arms and back with tubing exercises like this, but you will also work the rest of your core muscles as you balance and control your body to stay in the proper position on the ball.

These tubing exercises are great for strength training and can easily be incorporated into circuit training with cardio movements.

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